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The favor of the Lord with His divine instruction will cause us to advance quickly!! 

His Word and Power for Harvest Glory

Get ready precious friends! The Lord of the Harvest is releasing a fresh zeal of the Lord through His Word and the power of the Lord for harvest—harvest glory

Your life can be a display of the mighty works of God, a display of rivers of revelation, wisdom, and healing for harvest. God wants you to go after the anointing of His power, not only for healings, but for signs and wonders too! The release of Christ's workings empowers you for harvest.  You're redeemed! You have Christ in you, the hope of glory! 



 Revelation and Revival together will bring great Transformtion.  The Love for the Word and the Holy Spirit... 



A time of expectancy, a time to lift our vision high, a season of fruitfulness, and a season of increase that comes from the glory and the power of the Lord  "5777"

Supernatural strength from the Lord by Keith Miller
As we advance in this New Season we are blazing new trails in divine destiny for our lives that will impact our lives, our families, and people around us.


Of course, such vision gives us understanding of our situations and faith for the seemingly impossible—an advantage to help us accomplish the smallest and the greatest feats and exploits in Jesus’ name, despite insurmountable worldly odds.


I recently had a powerful dream. When I was awakened, I knew the dream was a prophetic declaration for a coming release in the Spirit. In the dream, I began shouting out, “I had a dream!” In this dream, I saw a new level of anointing being poured out. I could actually see the anointing above waiting to be poured out. It was like an ocean of water coming, but it was the anointing.

Every believer has the potential to see the impossible become possible by the Holy Spirit’s power. The Holy Spirit wants to use our lives to testify of the reality of the Lord by demonstration, not by mere words!