Pastor Reports

 Brother Keith, 

Thank you for your ministry to our church fellowship and stirring the hearts of the people as well as the atmosphere for revival.   There is a lot of spiritual fruit which I saw during the meetings as well as results going forward:

1.  Stirring the folks’ heart for more hunger for the Lord personally as well as for the soul of our nation.  We know the Lord has been moving by the Holy Spirit through a remnant to bring them into maturity to be able to “carry” the Glory for the coming visitation of the “Glory of the Lord covering the whole earth.”

2.  Gathering in people from this community to be aware where our church is located and the present vision and commission of our Church Body.  Our focus is to grow people up to be able to “carry” the Glory for the ultimate focus of bringing souls into the Kingdom of God; yes for salvation; for deliverance; divine health; joy of the Lord;  and each person’s destiny and purpose.

3. Healings, words of wisdom, direction, and words of knowledge.

I see the call of revivalist on your life.  I appreciate your humility, integrity, and genuineness.  I also appreciate that you never make financial demands, but trust the Lord that our fellowship will bless through the Good Hand of the Lord.

It takes the entire five-fold to mature the Body of Christ in these days of temptations, tribulations, drifting, apostasy, self-promotion,  and backsliding.

Thank you again for your love, goodwill, friendship and continuing to include Eastgate in your ministry scheduling.


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

EastgateMinistries Church