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     The recent Texas Ablaze Conference held in Irving TX by Stand Firm World Ministries, Keith and Janet Miller, was nothing less than supernatural.  Heaven invaded the conference room and lives were gloriously touched by the presence of the Lord!

     It never ceases to amaze me how the Holy Spirit moves to build the atmosphere through each of the worship leaders and guest speakers in order that His Glory and Power may be revealed. 

     The much loved and powerfully anointed JoAnn McFatter launched each service into expectant realms of elevated anticipation for a “Now” move of God through praise and worship. 

     Pastor Ché Ahn , of Harvest Rock Church, with the care of a skilled shepherd, led the beginning services into areas of faith and repentance where many of those in attendance received the life giving breath of God into the newly resolved places of their hearts.  This set the stage for many prophetic words of healing to come forth.

     Pastor Bill Johnson, of 
Bethel Church and of the recently released book “When Heaven Invades Earth” (A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles), built upon the anointing, bringing a deep compelling word to expand the Kingdom of God 
     His teaching revealed that we must not resort solely to “memorializing” past pioneers of the faith but rather build upon what they did in the Kingdom and thus we will be embarking on a life of expanding God’s Kingdom on earth and reclaiming lost territories.  Seeing what the Father is doing in Heaven and manifesting those things on earth to His Glory and Honor. 

     The Friday evening session spontaneously became an anointing service through the laying on of hands where everyone received from the Spirit of the Lord.  The place was absolutely filled to overflowing with the Joy of the Lord.  Such precious times in His Presence where the Joy of the Lord became so tangible that the walls and barriers in people’s lives tumbled down and were replaced with Mantles and New Anointings.   The grace of the moment was reflected with such an abiding Goodness and infilling of the Lord that many were literally “drunk” on the New Wine.

  The last session with 
Keith Miller, founder of Stand Firm World Ministries, brought the conference to a powerfully charged finale. 
     Signs, Wonders and Miracles demonstrated in Power.  Prophetic music broke out in the praise and worship and reached a point where everyone in the room was in an engaged place in the Spirit of God that was indescribable….but in one word…FIRE!!  
     The Heavens were open over the audience as Keith, through the Spirit of the Lord, began ministering New Anointings and an awareness of Living in the Dominion of the Kingdom Realm. 
     Many people were immediately healed during this intense time of ministry.  Impartation, healing, and deliverance, all flowing in joyous living waters expressed in the countenances of those in attendance. This awesome time was followed by many specific and detailed prophetic words given over different individuals.

     Walking in the Kingdom dominion through the Strength of the Lord and His abundance was the message which was delivered with Ephesians 3:14-20 as the text. 
     The holiness of the presentation of the Word was penetrating to the heart.  Living in a realm of the Spirit where you are not affected by the world but are affecting the world where you live, not out of one’s own strength but in HIS Strength and the Power of His Might!  That the Lord would release the impartation to not only receive His Power but also to walk it out in everyday life.

     Keith gave the altar call and the people literally rushed to the platform, pressing in to receive impartation.  The room was incredibly filled with the Power and Might of the Lord! 
     There was an influx of such Glory and Power, released through Keith, that inadequacies, unworthiness, and insecurities were immediately removed off the people so that each could walk effectively in the 
Kingdom of God according to His Might and Power working in us!! 

     Such a precious time in the Lord.  We are very appreciative of everyone who attended and participated in this powerful conference and look forward to seeing you in the upcoming events!!