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I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful conference in Humble, TX. It was amazing!!!! <br /><br />The reason I am writing is to tell you that your CD "True Riches" is on its way to India. A friend of mine is a missionary in India and she attended the conference also. She is leaving for India in a few days and one part of that country she has under her assignment is Nagaland. <br /><br />There is a young man who she has raised up as a son to care for and minister to the Nagas there. There is a school, Bible school, orphanage and widows homes. This young man also oversees small churches across the border in Burma. <br /><br />These are all people of the Naga tribe. This young man is a "worshipper". When he has any spare time, you'll find him worshipping. <br /><br />I have sent copies of every worship CD I have and because the True Riches CD is so unique i told him it was an example of a worship/warfare CD. <br /><br />When my friend who is the missionary told him over the phone about the worship at the conference, he wept!!!! <br /><br />He so wants to come to the USA and go to a worship school. I know this will happen but until then just know your CD is going to be released into the atmosphere in Nagaland. <br /><br />The missionary has other areas of India under her Apostolic authority too but Nagaland is so special. <br /><br />They don't even look like other native groups in India. By the way, they used to be head hunters......<br /><br />As I was playing True Riches this morning, I heard you decreeing about the walls and to shout. Immediately I heard Holy Spirit say......"cell walls" as in cancer cell walls. <br /><br />I started declaring the walls to come down in a family member's body. I even danced on the walls and put them under my feet. <br /><br />I walked around the walls and shouted them down. This is revelation to me and what was hidden is now revealed.....true riches coming down from Heaven!! <br /><br />Linda

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