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Praise the Lord! And thank you, Janet Miller, for sending me the CD and the prayer blanket which I still sleep with every night!<br /><br />I am a 43 year old happily married father of two little girls and Spirit filled believer all of my life who was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma a blood cancer back in May. I began chemo treatments at the direction of MD Anderson and my oncologist here in Austin TX after much prayer and consultation. I believe God was telling us to fight the enemy of this disease as hard as possible on all fronts- spiritual, medical, and natural.<br /><br />Anyway, about 4 weeks ago I was laying on my sofa listening again to Atmosphere (which I really love), when all of a sudden I was translated live to a Keith Miller event. (I have not yet been to one live in the natural but plan on going. I do not know if I this was a dream or a vision.) I was sitting in stadium style seating with a bunch of believers all dressed in white looking down at Keith on the stage preaching. The Spirit then lifted me out of my seat and laid me on my side. I felt God's power completely fill my body. Then a strange sensation came upon like fluid was draining out of my body. I remember this draining was causing my ears to begin to pop. Then it occurred to me that I was being healed by God and that the cancer was draining out of my body!! I began to yell, "I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm healed!" And down on the stage Keith was pointing up at me yelling, "You're healed!" You're healed." "You're healed!" And I was still yelling, "I'm healed!" when I woke up. <br /><br />The next week I went in for CT scan and PET scan and they came back clean! No sign of cancer or kidney stones- God threw the stones in for good measure!! I am done with my treatments, which my body has tolerated extremely well as my oncologist says. I have continued working full time at Dell and lifted weights and ran on a regular basis. I am the poster child at my clinic. The doctor wants to take a picture of me the show her other patients to inspire them. God has been so good to me. All the Glory is His.<br /><br />I believe the healing actually occurred while I was translated to the Keith event 'live'. I knew from the beginning back in May that God was going to heal me, I just didn't know when or how. The night before my biopsy in May before I knew what was wrong with me- I went before the Lord and told Him I needed a word from Him. I then flipped open my Bible and looked down and saw the red letters of Jesus speaking in John 11:4, "This sickness shall not end in death. No, it's for God's glory that through it the Son of God will be glorified." God is so WONDERFUL to give me this gift before I even knew for sure what I was up against!! I love Him so much. I couldn't have word searched a better verse in all of the Bible! <br /><br />Kris Vallotton of Bethel, Bill Johnson ministries came to our church back in early June. (I attend Church of the Hills here in Austin Texas, Pastor Charles Patterson.) Kris spoke prophetic words over me then that my tragedies would be turned into triumphs and that God was breaking this attack of the enemy of me and that it would never return. This is another example of God's goodness to me through our overcoming cancer together.<br /><br />I also used Dodie Osteen's book, Healed of Cancer. I memorized almost every verse in her book and still speak them forth almost every day as I drive to and from work. I have never known the power of God's Word like that before in my life. I believe that this was key in building my faith for my healing. God's Word is so POWERFUL when spoken forth with our lips. I also took Communion at home daily following the Dale Sides program. This was quite powerful in building my faith as well.<br /><br />Thank you for being a part of my healing. I know that God did the work, but you were an important part in sending me the CD and prayer blanket as a gift. Blessings back to you and to GOD BE THE GLORY!<br /><br />In the Love of Jesus,<br />George

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