5780 Rosh Hashanah

I want to invite you to our special livestream broadcast for Rosh Hashanah.
As we start the Hebrew New Year, or Rosh Hashanah. Celebrate with a time of fellowship with apples and honey symbolically ushering in a sweet New Year(on the Hebrew calendar), along with a time of prayer.
I pray for you, and ask the Lord for a fresh anointing and activation of Ephesians 1:17, which is the Spirit of wisdom and revelation.
I also pray that this will be a time of quickening, as we have our hearts set towards the Lord with great expectation of what His plans and His heart is for this New Year 5780 and the coming decade.
Pey  17 Letter picture of Mouth vocal expression Speech Breath
Written and Spoken Word 
Supernatural Acceleration
Psalm 17:8
Psalm 33:6
1peter 4:11
Psalm 103:5
Joshua 1:8  Psalm 145:5 
Written and Spoken Word
Sword of the Lord