Pastor Reports

Pastor Reports


Brother Keith, 

Thank you for your ministry to our church fellowship and stirring the hearts of the people as well as the atmosphere for revival.   There is a lot of spiritual fruit which I saw during the meetings as well as results going forward:

Dear Reader,

We have been blessed to have recently hosted Keith Miller's School on the Sevenfold Spirit of the Lord. I have heard Keith speak several times on a number of subjects. This school was the deepest most profound teaching that I have heard Keith do.


"Keith Minister in such a powerful way during the 7 days that he was here that the heavens broke open over the place and God began to pour out His Spirit upon the people." Pastor Doug Stanton



God broke out in our church that morning in a way like we haven't seen in a long time. If you ever wonder if it's worth it to pursue the Spirit by going to one of these conferences, or if it would be worth it to host a conference, maybe this will be an encouragement.