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Keith ministered out of a powerful Word and anointing that raised the banner of Jesus over that set of meetings. Keith shared how a harvest river is flowing for the King and His kingdom. We definitely saw evidence of that in these meetings -as God's Word was preached, His healing River of compassion also flowed in demonstration of the Spirit and power!

More Lord! More of You!   A report from a student who attended the Seven Fold Flow of the Holy Spirit

Revival Report-Anointing Flowing-Healings, Anointing, & Miracles

And the Glory fell. A woman was healed from a blocked ear; pain disappeared from bodies, necks, backs and heart conditions were instantly healed.

The church was charged with revival hunger and fire! Men, women, teens, children, some children as young two-years old,  packed the altar-clamoring-thirsting-desperate to receive, and they did, in a Holy Ghost explosion of His weighty presence that culminated in people falling under the Power, instant physical and emotional healings-people impacted for Him-healed, transformed by His awesome power.


Stand Firm is "Going for it!" Personally, the standard of what I anticipate seeing and experiencing in these gatherings has risen and having tasted the fruit of this higher place, the taste of the previous is no longer sufficient. I know that Keith and Janet Miller are totally going for it, for all that God is and all that God has for us. And the Dallas meetings were evidence that a whole company of believers that are doing the same.


Keith sought to introduce us to the person of the Holy Spirit. He taught us by revelation, scripture, anointed teaching, and sharing his experiences of visitations, encounters and throne room experiences with the Most High God.


I knew it was true! Everything we had been crying out for, the unlimited anointing where anything is possible with the Lord, where there is no measure of what God can do! This was that! The anointing in the room was electrifying.


Healing flows through Keith and many people were healed in the meetings. The look of surprise of the faces of those healed represented, wonder, surprise and joy. Keith called out various diseases and when the afflicted stood, they were instantly healed!


"This is that!" was the word and promise of the Lord during our very first Encountering the Fullness of the Holy Spirit School in Houston this April. We birthed this new school as a result of a series of profound prophetic encounters the Lord gave Keith Miller, beginning in August of 2002.


The holiness of the presentation of the Word was penetrating to the heart. Living in a realm of the Spirit where you are not affected by the world but are affecting the world where you live, not out of one's own strength but in HIS Strength and the Power of His Might! That the Lord would release the impartation to not only receive His Power but also to walk it out in everyday life.