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The Vision for Texas Ablaze is to become a major revival "movement," and a regular Texas occurrence, seeing people drawn into this Texas revival hub from all over the world. To see those who are hungry for a move God that brings a great harvest in their families, in their cities, in the nation, and extending outward, to the nations. 

The atmosphere of the presence of the Lord was already wonderful—it could not get any better, or so we thought, but man, were we in for a surprise! It was as though, through our praises, that we had ushered in a deeper, weightier glory of His presence—as though we had entered into the holy realm of God. Surely, it was the “awe” realm. We were so aware of His majestic splendor.

Heidi Baker told us to be ready here in Texas for new gushes of oil-Oil! Oil! Oil! New wells-old wells-gushing fresh oil for revival!



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