Pastor Reports

Several years ago during Keith's prayer time the Holy Spirit spoke to him about two nations. Keith put a circle around those two nations on the world map then prayed over them. The nations were Australia and New Zealand. Keith knew that at some point the Lord would open the door for him to minister in those nations.

In July, the Lord opened the door for Keith & Janet to minister at the Northside Fireplace in Brisbane, Australia alongside their good friends Pastor's Doug & Karen Stanton. This church has purposed to be a fiery place of the Holy Spirit for revival for their nation. Those seven days of meetings have now turned into over 13 weeks of meetings with no end in sight. Hundreds of people have been impacted, changed, healed, and refreshed by the Power of God.

Here is a recent email report that Pastor Doug Stanton sent to us..

Report from Pastor Doug Stanton - Brisbane, Australia

Recently we have had a visit from Keith and Janet Miller to our church on the north side of Brisbane, Australia. Our church is called the " Northside Fireplace " as we have established this work to believe for and 'set the fireplace' for a revival. As a result of the impact that Keith had on our meetings, revival broke out and has continued into our 13th week. Keith ministered in such a powerful way during the 7 days that he was here that the heavens broke open over the place and God began to pour out His spirit upon the people.

I have known Keith for many years. I met him when I was the evangelist in his church in Amarillo Texas, where we had a 13 week revival.( I guess you do reap what you sow! ) I saw the love he had for God and his family in those days and we became such great friends it felt like family. It is wonderful to see what the Lord has done in this ministry. Keith has a 'break through' anointing on his life, finds the heart of God for a region and touches the heart of the people as he ministers.

God has used my wife and I to start revivals in many parts of the world for over ten years and I have met few ministries that can break through in an area with the power of Stand Firm Ministries. I thank you Keith and Janet for the work you are doing for the Kingdom of God and the sacrifices you make to do it.

As the revival continues here in Brisbane we send our love and appreciation for you and your family,

Pastors Doug & Karen Stanton
Northside Fireplace
6 Leanne Crescent,
Lawnton, QLD

WOW!! What a powerful and wonderful time it is in the Lord. The Lord is doing great and mighty things all across the Land.

"Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

We wanted to share this report from Brisbane Australia with you . Janet and I went to Brisbane to be with Doug & Karen Stanton Pastors of the North Side Fireplace and a powerful explosion of the Holy Spirit and the manifest presence of God took place during our time there and continues even now. We are planning another trip to Brisbane in the future for an even greater Holy Spirit Explosion!


Over the course of the seven days that we were there we saw a powerful increase of the anointing of the Lord. Each night the crowds grew as word spread about the Lord pouring out this mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Each night the altar was packed wall to wall with people responding to the Lord. Lives were being impacted, transformed, healed, people were set free and many received a powerful impartation of anointing from the Lord....

One night Keith ministered on the power anointing of the Holy Spirit. There was such excitement and hunger in the place that Keith didn't even finish the Word before the Holy Spirit began to fall like fire all through the place. It was an incredible time of impartation of the power anointing of the Lord.

People laid out under the power of God all through the building, Many actually looked like they were zapped with high voltage from the Lord. Powerful levels of the power and glory of the Lord hit the place like waves. Wave after wave of glory swept through the place. At one point, what looked like literal tongues of fire were fell on different people throughout the room. Every age group was represented in the meetings and all were powerfully ministered to by the Lord.....

Each night the number of new people increased, some traveling great distances to attend the service. By the end of the seventh day, the place was so packed with people hungry after the Lord that everyone of the chairs had to be used. Each nightly service was unique. Some nights deep called to deep, some nights the fire of God fell while on still other nights the power of God exploded. Hundreds filled the altar and laid out under the anointing, and many stayed long periods of times under the Manifest Presence of God.

The services continue to this point and we are now planning a follow-up trip to Brisbane. We believe we will see an even greater level of the plan and purpose of God released as we come into agreement with the heart of the Lord for Brisbane and Australia.