Ministry Partner

Ministry Partner

Thousands of Lives Changed through SFWM

The Lord has blessed and favored our ministry, thanks to the support of our partners and friends. Every year, we've witnessed thousands of lives transformed, renewed, impacted, and changed by the power of God! We've seen such a powerful defiant increase of the Breakthrough Anointing - an increase of spiritual authority everywhere we minister through our:

  • Conferences
  • Schools
  • Mission Projects
  • Online Ministry
  • Travel Ministry
  • Mentoring Ministry

Some of our meetings originally scheduled to last three or four days extended for as long as twenty-two weeks as the manifest presence of God broke through and charged the atmosphere of cities and entire regions. We saw regional breakthroughs in many cities and regions - torn wide open for the Lord to pour out His glory. Amen!

"We are enlarging our tent pegs for greater effectiveness for the Glory of the LORD."

He sees and knows the future and invites us to become history makers with HIM!


As Ministry, you receive:

  • A Signature copy of Keith Miller’s Book Surrender to the Spirit
  • Early-bird entrance to select SFWM events
  • Special email discounts and specials on selected resources (books, CD's, tapes, etc.)


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