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Morgantown, PA


The tent meetings, on these fields, are prophetic of the restoration revival NOW taking place. Genesis 1 speaks of creative miracles - God's Spirit, hovering over the earth; His Presence and the spoken Word, bringing forth the invisible into the visible. In this region (and across the land) there has been a stronghold of a religious spirit. "God's gonna shake the religious spirit. As revival comes - religious spirits and witchcraft get decapitated!" Praise the Lord!

And the fire fell - backs, necks, spines were healed, eyes were healed, arthritis conditions, muscle spasms instantly healed; stomach growths dissolved; teeth were filled with gold. And more...

Keith Miller spoke of God's Grace, and the Spirit of revelation to be divinely imparted and demonstrated... "How many want an encounter? not just a visitation, but what you receive becomes a habitation in your life...revelation that becomes impartation, and impartation that becomes demonstration." "The Spirit wants to do a fresh thing ( I Corinthians 2:4); to bring a fresh anointing of the power of the Spirit in our lives; a new season of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, in Pennsylvania.

He desires to introduce Himself in a deeper, broader way; reintroducing Himself in a way we have not known before. And He wants to lift up the standard to glorify Jesus, in Pennsylvania." The anointing and His Presence were manifested in a sweet and powerful way, with signs and wonders following.

A strong anointing for increase, to receive a deeper walk with Jesus was EVIDENT. Keith said that he could barely preach, since the Lord desired to heal His people, and the glory was so strong. His presence is creative power.

And the Glory fell. A woman was healed from a blocked ear; pain disappeared from bodies, necks, backs and heart conditions were instantly healed.

Eyesight was restored Cancer was rebuked. "The church is being hit with the former and the latter rain." There's going to be a generation that walks out of a fullness of Ephesians 3:16.

Embracing the full measure of the unlimited realm of God in their lives - He is looking for a generation that will walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I Corinthians 2:4, and John 17 were amplified, through Keith's dynamic teaching:

Honor those who went before us, embrace those truths...dig those wells deeper.