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Waves of His Glory brought waves of Healing.

Report from a regional Meeting in  Pennsylvania

Saturday night started out with a great introduction from the LORD! He told Keith that the Word for these meetings was "A STIRRING UP," and that is exactly what the LORD did by giving Keith several Words of Knowledge for the people at the beginning of the service. 

Many Were Healed by the Lord

     The first Word was about a throat condition. Keith pointed to a lady who was sitting down and said, "Ma'am, is that for you?" She said, "Yes," and walked up to the platform. Keith released that Healing Anointing, and the woman was Healed! (She turned out to be the pastor's wife!) What a way to start out the service! After that, a chain reaction began with 13 people coming up to respond to the Word of Knowledge that was released about throat conditions.

Ministry to the Intercessors.

     Keith felt that the peak of the service had not yet been released, so he asked all the intercessors in the room to come up front. A loud cry of intercession ripped through the room! Keith knew that the birthing for a breakthrough for the region was being stirred up and was about to be released. The Intense Fire of the Holy Spirit came upon Keith in such a way that he had to quickly release that Fire on the people. And release he did!!! There were people everywhere! The Power of the Holy Spirit swept through the room. Wow! This was only the first night! 

Sunday Morning Service

     During the first Sunday morning service, Keith taught the Word with such expression from 1 Corinthians 2:6-10, 14:2 and 2 Timothy 1:6. These Words were all part of the foundation process that was being established from the night before. Keith started the alter call by releasing Words of Knowledge. The first Word was for shoulders. Keith saw different things with the shoulders and described all that he sensed the LORD was telling him. Five people responded to what Keith described. All five people laid under the Healing Anointing that was released by Keith.
I'm Healed, I'm Healed proclaimed the man"

     As Keith began to release the second Word of Knowledge about pain in the knees, a man jumped up off the floor and shouted, "I'm healed! I'm healed! I don't have anymore pain in my shoulder!" This guy was excited, and so was Keith as he asked the people to give JESUS a SHOUT OF VICTORY!!! The second Word of Knowledge about the knees was still in the atmosphere, and people responded without hesitation! The room was full of GOD's Healing Power! Keith rebuked arthritis and other knee infirmities as he released that Healing Anointing on each one that responded to this Word. The last Word of Knowledge for this meeting was high blood pressure. What a hunger in this early morning service! People came up just to receive from the Refreshing that was taking place in the people who had responded to the Words of Knowledge. 

"I knew if we could get to the meetings Jesus would heal us!"

      Keith had the lady stand up and asked her, "What has happened to you?" The lady was so happy that she began to weep. She said, "My husband and I have not been able to come to church because of how sick we both are. When we heard that you were coming to this church, we knew that we would be healed if we could just get to these meetings!" They both went on to share how the LORD had healed both of them. The LORD had even restored her strength. There was so much Joy and Laughter on this lady's face! Keith said that she shined like a thousand watt light bulb! This entire service was full of God's Goodness! 

More and More healing

The Sunday evening service was a Healing and Anointing service. This was the meeting that the previous meetings had been building towards! Keith started out this service asking for testimonies. Shoulders were healed, backs were healed, and female disorders were healed! There were so many testimonies! 

Healing brought repentance

     The man whose shoulder was healed in the morning service testified of how the LORD supernaturally healed him! He shared how he had not been right with the LORD. He was so blessed by the Goodness of the LORD that he rededicated his life to the LORD! It was so powerful to see him respond and open his heart to the LORD. 

Elder was healed

     One of the elders of the church shared how he responded to a Word of Knowledge for the elbow area and was healed! As he came up for the elbow, he had a bad back, and the LORD healed it, too! 

A bad heart healed

     A young lady who was in the Sunday morning service, had had severe pain in her chest. She had been to her doctors for an echo cardiogram, and they indicated that fluid was building up again around her heart, which was causing the pain. After being prayed for in the morning service, the pain in her chest was now COMPLETELY GONE! Thank You, JESUS! 

Addictions Broken by the Anointing of the Lord 

     The first Word given was about lungs that had been damaged from smoking. As a lady responded to this Word, Keith said, "If you smoke and want to stop, please come up to the front." The Anointing to destroy the very desire to smoke was at the Alter! 

prophetic Impartation

     Suddenly, Keith asked for the senior pastors of the church to come up and receive a Prophetic Word. He began to prophesy over these pastors in a way that brought GOD's Glory in the room! A greater increase of Healing was about to begin through the hands of these pastors! GOD was bringing forth some hidden treasure that had been buried for such a time as this. These pastors laid under GOD's Glory for 20 to 30 minutes!
Many others healed and changed by the Power of God

     Among these were pain in the right hand, a musician with a constant ringing in the ear, heart murmurs, clogged arteries, and people influenced by fear. All of these Words were responded to by different people! One of the Words of Knowledge for the evening service was a tormenting spirit causing fear and panic attacks. There were several who responded to this Word, and many testified that they literally felt different! There were a couple of young people who responded to this Word, and you could literally see the Power of GOD touch them! A deep healing and a setting free took place in their hearts. It was Awesome to see the LORD minister to them. 

The word is Organs!

     The LORD told Keith to share the word "organs." No other details; only that the LORD would minister to organs. This Word was very powerful, as it brought a little emotion from the right section of the room. One gentleman, who is a missionary and had a liver problem, shared with Keith that he had told his pastor, who was at the meeting with him, that he would not go up to the front unless the very word "organs" was given! He shared that when Keith said the LORD wants to minister in the area of the organs, his pastor looked over at him and said, "Hmm, sounds like the LORD knows your mail." He responded to the Word of Knowledge, and Wham!... the Power of GOD literally hit him! He laid under the Anointing of the LORD. The Holy Spirit knows us! The pastor and his wife who came with this man were also powerfully touched by the LORD! 

Kidneys Healed

     One young man shared how he had not been able to bend over and touch his toes because of a mass in his kidneys. He had been that way for several years. When the Power of God came upon him, he felt something leave. He was no longer in pain and could touch his toes for the first time in several years! He proclaimed that the mass was gone! 

Power Evangelism

     Keith shared how he went into a convenience store after one of the meetings in Pennsylvania, shared with the clerk about the Power of God, prayed for her right there at the counter, and the Holy Spirit touched the young lady tangibly! 

The reality of the Holy Spirit in the believers Life

     The Presence of the LORD is so real. He is so tangible. He is so precious. Keith shared about the reality of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life. He took a rag and handed it to several different people, sharing that the Anointing is just as real and tangible as the rag. We need only to have the eyes of hearts awakened to the fullness of the understanding of the Power of GOD at work in us, for us, and through us. 

We give all the Glory to the LORD! It is HIM who does it all.