Ministry_Pic19 Report from Keith Ministering in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.


The church was packed with people hungry for a move of God in their lives and region! 

From the very beginning, as Keith stepped into the pulpit, the Anointing of the Lord began flowing with healing and life-changing power! 

Fresh Oil-Fresh Anointing!

     Keith shared many scriptures about hungering after the Lord and receiving Fresh Oil, Fresh Anointing! He had the people lift their hands and receive a Fresh Deposit from the Lord! Keith sensed such a stirring in his heart for re-digging wells of revival in this region. One of the scriptures he shared was Matthew 5:11. He talked about being filled and the word filled meaning to be fattened. Keith encouraged the people to pull on the Anointing and become fattened with the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus is the Same Today!!

During this time, Keith began ministering in Words of Knowledge. As people began to respond, many were healed, and a tangible touch of the Presence of the Lord was evident on them. Keith shared how they had just finished a set of meetings in Conneaut, Ohio, and how the Lord had moved mightily. 

Many healings took place, including heart problems, eyes healed, backs healed, fibro myalgia, legs, hips, shoulders, sleep disorders, suicidal depression broken off many, and much more. As he shared this, faith was stirred in many to come and receive from the Anointing of the Holy Spirit for their healing. 

Keith ministered out of Genesis 28:10-17, sharing how Jacob was in a certain place and had a powerful experience with the Lord! He shared that the House of God should be called, and be, a Gate for Heaven! Keith shared out of Psalms 24 about opening up the Gates for the King of Glory to come in! He shared in depth of this Word, and many times during the course of the ministry of the Word, you could see the people being deeply stirred as deep called to deep. 

No More Room!

Then came the ministry time. As people came forward for ministry, the front filled completely up, and then the isles on both sides of the church were completed filled. There was no room left on the platform or in the front area. The men of the church actually had to begin moving pews outside to make room for the people coming forward! As the Holy Spirit began moving, people were going under the Anointing all throughout the church! 

Many were deeply ministered to by the Holy Spirit. The Lord healed and touched many more people during this time. The Fire and Glory of God rested on various people, and all were refreshed by the Presence of the Lord! 

We are so grateful for all the Lord does. He is awesome in all His Ways and Works.