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Praise the Mighty Name of Jesus.

We started out last (October 2002) Sunday Morning and did seven straight days of meetings. It was awesome as the Lord showed up powerfully in each and every session. Many lives were powerfully impacted with the Word and Impartation from the Holy Spirit

We had several different ministries represented in the meetings. Each night we had Pastors from the city and the surrounding region come out.  There were a couple of fellowships that actually moved their services to the meetings at New Life Church. That is the heart of Keith and Janet  for the meetings to be Regional Impacting and life changing to thousands. 
We had several Prophets come from Texas and New Mexico.  The Lord spoke to them in July to be in these meetings.  Many received and testified of New Anointing and New activation taking place in their lives. 
It will be awesome to see what will breakout from these Ministries in the coming months.  Yes LORD!!!
There was a very deep flow of the Holy Spirit that took place.  Many testified of life changing miracles taking place. The realm of Healing flow was awesome as the Lord moved in the midst of His People. Keith flowed with a strong power Anointing seeing many being literally overcome by the Presence of the Lord. The Flow of the Prophetic Word and Word of Knowledge was awesome as the Holy Spirit used Keith to share powerfully in this way. 

People were amazed at the level of the Anointing and the Realm of the Prophetic that was taking place. We will be sharing a report of the Lord in the next few days with some of  the different healings, changed lives, New Anointing, restoration, renewing, and emotional healings that took place over the course of the seven days.
Keith shared on the Working of God in peoples lives, in churches, and regionally that was transforming to mindsets, and to the atmosphere of the region.  

Keith also ministered on the Seven Spirits of God in the believers life, in churches, and in the region.  This series of messages came from a powerful prophetic experience from the Lord the day the meetings began.
There is so much to share with what is taking place in Hobbs, New Mexico and also what has been released in a whole New Level of the Anointing and the Word in Keith & Janet's ministry.