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A Report from the recent Encountering the Fullness of the Holy Spirit School
 by Keith Miller 


"The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD" (Isaiah 11:2, NKJV)

Praise the Mighty Name of Jesus! 


"This is that!" was the word and promise of the Lord during our very first Encountering the Fullness of the Holy Spirit School in Houston this April. We birthed this new school as a result of a series of profound prophetic encounters the Lord gave Keith Miller, beginning in August of 2002. He received revelation of Isaiah 11:2 through three encounters with the Angel of the Lord, and Keith began to press in for deeper communion with the Lord. This has resulted in a deeper study of the fullness of the sevenfold flow of the Holy Spirit. Ever since, Keith has nurtured and increased in the realm of the understanding of this deep and exciting revelation! Keith teaches out of a deep vein and well of revelation about the Sevenfold Spirit of the Lord of Isaiah 11:2, and Revelation 4:5. The Lord also birthed a book through him titled, "The Sevenfold Flow of the Holy Spirit in the Believer's Life," soon to be released by Destiny Image Publishers.

We believe our school was a significant launch of something powerful. The word launch means to throw forward, to release, to catapult. We're believing for this Isaiah anointing, the reality of the unlimited fullness of the Holy Spirit to flow and fall upon believers, to catapult and release salvation and harvest in families, cities, regions, and nations. 

What was "that?" That, dear friends was a new dimension of the unlimited realm of God transforming, wowing, and (literally) flooring participants and our team (including the musicians) during this launch of our four-day long session.

Throughout the school, people laid out under the presence of the Lord in some instances for hours - young and old alike all powerfully under the deep, deep flow of the Holy Spirit. God's manifest presence was so precious and so powerful, and so overwhelming to some, that they couldn't express in words what they were experiencing. 

This is the realm of the Lord we've desired, prayed, and hoped for, and it's just the beginning! Just the beginning of major impact! Just the beginning of revival! Just the beginning of mega-transformation!  Just the beginning of a great outpouring of the unlimited anointing. Just the beginning of a major whoosh of God! This is that! Hallelujah!

The launch of this school on the revelation of the fullness of the Holy Spirit is sparking mighty outpourings of the anointing! This launch was significant!


Korea Impacted!

Friends, the Isaiah 11:2 anointing broke out in Korea only days afterward! On the last night of the school, the Holy Spirit released a deep teaching and powerful touch of the anointing upon Pastor LaRue (LaRue and Anna Adkinson pastor the Houston Revival Center) He shook powerfully for some time under a mighty river of God's power. He later shared with Keith that he had "never experienced anything like this before." They left for Korea to minister the next day and carried God's open heaven with them. The revelation of the fullness of the Holy Spirit hit, and the anointing flowed with great, awesome, and powerful moves of God! Here's Pastor LaRue's testimony fromKorea to Keith:

". . . It happened just as the Lord said it would. It took four days, but tonight the Isaiah 11:2 anointing broke out. It was Holy Ghost chaos. People were dropping everywhere. Entire sections and rows were dropping under the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a conservative word of faith church . . . That anointing that was given to me the last night of theHouston conference, landed in Korea. I wish you could have been here to see it. It was simply glorious. I do not think they were ready for it, but it just spontaneously broke out. One [of] the most powerful moves of God that I have ever had the privilege of participating in. I thank you with the depth of my heart . . ."

Oh my Gosh! . . . Something's Happening!


During a Friday night session, Keith taught on living and operating out of the river of the manifest presence of the Lord. Suddenly, as Keith walked back to the front of the room after ministering to someone, a mighty anointing hit him. He shouted, "Oh-my-gosh!" Then he ran the rest of the way to the front, jumped onto the platform and shouted, "There's a powerful anointing here right now . . . something is happening . . . get up here!"


People bolted for the altar. As they hit the carpeted area, it was as though they were hit with a wall of God's presence. Many buckled under the anointing, others shook, and some simply wept. Justin Miller, Keith’s son, (who has traveled with his father in ministry for six years) shared that as he ran up to the front with the crowd, "an electric current flowed" through him. He said that "every fiber of his being seemed touched from deep within".  Every cell in his body tingled with the presence of the Lord! He fell to his knees and shares that he had never felt anything like this before! Watch for Justin's full report and testimony in an upcoming newsletter.

Incredible Testimonies

Testimonies are pouring in one after the other from school attendees. Rivers of the unlimited anointing and manifest presence of the Lord swept through hearts and lives  - here are excerpts (edited for brevity):


". . . The past several days have been some of the most painful yet AWESOME days of my life thus far. The Fire, Light and Word that was released during these meetings has me completely undone!!! . . . The already painful hunger and Holy dissatisfaction I have been experiencing has only been intensified and turned up!!! Surely...THIS IS THAT!!! IT'S TIME LORD!!!" - Cynthia Heil


" . . . Wow! How else can I describe the conference last week! Isn't it awesome that God loves us so much that He wants to come through the Holy Spirit and dine with us at such a divine feast! Truly He was there and truly we were fed from His servant! If I had to sum up the conference in one word - that word would have to be the word HUNGER . . .You seem to have quite a gifting for moving the Body [of Christ] out of apathy and into a feeding frenzy for the fullness of the Lord . . .  " - Roger McKnight


" . . . What a privilege to have someone who has blazed the trail for us in this realm pour his heart out in such a way we could receive such a powerful impartation. While in the school I had several life changing supernatural experiences. The rich deposits I received will bring forth a harvest for the kingdom that will endure for many generations. I say MORE LORD...." -Deborah Gray


 " . . . It wasn't just a school about the Holy Spirit; it was an encounter with each one of His characteristics (Isaiah 11:2) as we learned how to recognize them by experience. Literally, as Keith would teach on each one, the presence of that characteristic would be tangible in the room in an identifiable way. It was experiential learning! . . . I will definitely be at the school in Amarillo in June. This journey with the Holy Spirit is about to unfold even more . . ." - Terrina 

" . . . there has been such an increase in the anointing with Keith . . . moving in much authority and boldness.  I see and feel that they are in the cusp of something big.  They have just begun to tap the outer fringes of what the Lord is wanting to do. . . . There is much expectation" - Theresa

"What an incredible time I just had at The Seven-Fold Spirit of the Lord School in Houston, TX.. . . The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible and the teaching of the Word was rich, throughout every session . . in every session the depth of revelation continuously increased . . . I was so blessed to be a part of it. I believe with my whole heart, 'This is That!'" - Rodney Orsborn

The presence of the Lord was strong for the entire conference but, on Thursday I was in intercession most of the day because of the strong presence of the Lord.

". . . For me, the highlight of the conference was after the second service. You were praying for people and my daughter along with our worship leader's two daughters came up to you and your wife for prayer. When you laid hands on them, they all fell out and were enjoying the presence of the Lord. They worshipped together for about twenty minutes under that anointing. It undid me. I am fighting back tears now just writing about it. Thank you for your openness to the Spirit of God and your willingness to bring everything He tells you to the table. We need many more men like you in the body of Christ . . ." -  Dean Krosecz

" . . . this was one of the most powerful and impacting conferences I've ever been to . . .  I definitely believe that a door has been opened into a new level of the supernatural and the living presence of the Lord. I believe it involves more than just signs and wonders, but the entire realm of Heaven coming into the earth and the earth being filled with His glory in a way never before seen or experienced . . . " - Rich

" . . . The school gave me a revelation of the mantle that God has for me. I also gained an understanding of the ways I needed to re-prioritize my daily spiritual walk . . . Very exciting and fruitful!!!!!!" - Al Finch 

" . . . I have been to a school on the 7 fold spirits of God but it wasn't like this. This was a divine appointment. The first night of the school the Lord brought me into a vision and I saw the Lord standing there with Glory all around Him and in one hand (His left) He held the golden lampstand and in His right hand was a key ring with 7 golden keys. The Lord gave the keys to an angel and I knew the Angel was going to give the keys to the people at the school. The keys opened new doors and the Lord said the doors were new anointings they were going to walk through. This anointing specifically has to do with the Harvest. I knew from that vision that this school would be awesome . . . The Lord had been putting a desperation & fire within me for the DEEP, DEEP things of Him. Now there is no limit only unlimited. The Lord showed me so many things while I was there. I saw so much in the spiritual realm while I was there. It was totally awesome. Words cannot describe what this school will do for the Body of Christ!!! THIS IS THAT!!! IT IS A NOW WORD FOR THIS TIME . . . " - Donna Eckert

"My soul seems wiser and more knowledgeable in its spiritual realm than before attending your school . . .Thank GOD I received the anointing and the knowledge that I could receive rivers . . . I still feel the weight of His glory!!! Amen . . ." - Cheri Bone


" . . . I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was a key time not only in my life but in [the] time we are living in and precisely for Houston itself. I have never felt nor known the sense of destiny with such power before. . . It is as if during the school, I was immersed fully in the "river" and have been carried in it since. Since my return back to San Antonio . . .  the flow has continued . . . I am in a new place that I have never been before . . . When someone is speaking to me, it's as if my ears have been open, because I am hearing on many levels at the same time . . . " - Theresa E. Estrada , D.C.


This is just a taste of what's to come. This is that! Amen! Are you hungry for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in your life, in your family, your ministry, your city, your region, your nation? Don't miss the fullness God has in store for you. Come on out to our next school.


One participant said of the school, "The manual is so rich with divine meat . . . [it] was the best manual I have ever been presented with for a conference or a teaching for that matter. I am anxious to read the book . . ."

God is moving and releasing this powerful revelatory teaching to the nations!

Blessings to you!

 Stand Firm World Ministry Team