Ministry Report: Imparting, Equipping, and Pouring into all who come!

Keith recently returned from several series of meetings in Ohio and Pennsylvania. In seven days, he ministered in ten services and prayed for hundreds of people, seeing the Precious Anointing of the Holy Spirit flow mightily. 

All Glory Belongs to the Lord!

Keith and the Stand Firm Team first and foremost give all Glory and Honor to the Lord for all that HE does through our lives! We are so grateful to the Lord for His Presence in our lives and in the meetings. The Lord has so graciously allowed us to come alongside the pastors and saints of these regions, and to be part of what He is progressively orchestrating in the unfolding of His Plans and Purposes for lives, churches, regions, and cities.

The Holy Spirit Loves to Glorify Jesus. 

     What a powerful time this was as the Lord moved mightily in the meetings, seeing healing, signs and wonders, and hundreds of people's lives wonderfully and powerfully impacted by the Word of the Lord, and the Anointing bringing transformation in their lives! As the Anointing of the Lord poured out, bondages were broken and burdens were lifted. The Holy Spirit moved very strongly in the Healing Anointing during all the meetings, seeing some very powerful life-changing things take place in many people's lives. At times the people would actually be healed in their seats, or before they could even respond to a Word of Knowledge! Thank You, Jesus! 

Here are a few of the healings that took place:
Deaf Ear Opens: 
Lisa came up for prayer for a deaf ear that was caused from a previous sinus infection. She had actually lost all the hearing in her ear from the infections months ago. As Keith prayed for her, she literally began crying and shouting saying, "I can hear you!" The congregation broke out with great thanksgiving to the Lord! 

Multiple Sclerosis: 
Jeff has multiple sclerosis and has problems with strength, balance, energy and Ministry_Pic6concentration. When the meeting first began, he had to use a walker to balance himself and walk, but he now is walking on his own and has gained strength each day seeing a reversal of the effects of the MS! Thank You, Jesus!
Neck damage and unable to lift arm above shoulder for over eleven years healed: Melissa responded to a Word of Knowledge that Keith shared about a lady who was driving a van and was in accident, and who had problems in her inner neck and shoulder area. She knew the Word was for her, and as she came forward, the Lord healed her! She can now lift her arm above her head and has no more pain in the neck area! She shared that she hasn't been able to do this for almost eleven years. Thank You, Jesus! 

Heart problem healed:
 One man responded to a Word of Knowledge about heart problems, and as he stood up, the Lord healed him instantly! He came to the front very excitedly sharing how the Lord had already healed him! He testified the next day that he was pain free and had his breathing back and was now able to take walks! Praise the Lord! 

Bone spurs healed: 

The church secretary, who is also on the dance team, was in constant pain from bone spurs in her heels. She shared how the Lord healed her when Keith told everyone to put their hand on the area where they needed a healing. She felt something begin to happen to her, and she was instantly healed! Thank You, Jesus! 

Many Were Healed in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
There were many, many other testimonies of God's Goodness in seeing many healed, including testimonies of eyes healed, backs healed, fibro myalgia, legs, hips, shoulders, sleep disorders, suicidal depression broken off many, marriages restored, migraine headaches, bulging disks in backs healed, confusion lifted, peace restored, and many other wonderful things!

I came all the way from Texas!

Chris shared: I came to Ohio on a one-way flight expecting to leave for Dallas Wednesday to help my sister drive her family for a summer visit. Coming to the meetings Wednesday and Thursday was not in my plans. Yet, this was a time for God's purpose in my heart. Thank you for the fresh hearing of God's Voice, experiencing His Presence, and a Revelation of God's Mercy and Grace. Thank you for Fresh Fire, Renewed Hope for a Spirit-led life, and His Glorious Presence!

The Anointing Destroys the Yokes and Removes the Burdens. 

In one of the meetings, Keith preached on the Anointing to Destroy Yokes and the Anointing of Enduing, seeing the grave clothes come off to fully display resurrection power in the believer's life. After sharing this Word, the altar filled as people came forward to receive from the Lord. Many were powerfully loosed of grave clothes, and many received a Fresh Enduing from on High for their lives for the effective working of the Power of God through their lives for the Kingdom of God! 

Both pastors shared how the Word impacted their lives.
 The Word was for their churches and the region; regional impacting and life-changing! They were greatly blessed by the maturity, humility, and the Prophetic Revelation for their churches and the region that Keith ministered under. 

Redigging Wells of Healing of Kathryn Kuhlman.
KathrynThere is a sense of something Powerful taking place, as a re-digging of the Wells of Revival in the region! Kathryn Kuhlman held a mortgage-burning service in this very church! There is a sense of destiny taking place. We invite all to come. Come from all over during these Powerful, God-filled meetings!

Over the course of the meetings, Keith shared out of the Word on:
A Spiritual Awakening of the Reality of the Holy Spirit in the Believer's Life. Ephesians 1:17-19 

The Seasons of God. Ecc 3:1 Anointing to Destroy the Yokes and Remove Burdens, and the Anointing of Enduing. Isaiah 10:27 John 11, Luke 24:49, Acts 2:2 

How God Drops a Word on a Region and Raises Up a People to Fulfill it. Psalms 68 Revelation of being a Wise Master-Builder. 1 Cor 3:9 

Courses of Action for Believers and Churches, Regionally and World-Wide. Luke 24:19, 1 Cor. 2:9-12