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What a remarkable time we just had.  The Spirit of the Lord utilized Keith to open the heavens over Lubbock as he ministered out of the heart of God for the people and the region on a corporate level. I have been in many of Keith's meetings now, and I can still say that God continues to surprise me on how He shows up; He is always faithful to do so.
On Friday night as everyone stood up at the front, Keith began to move with the Holy Spirit, corporately decreeing over the people. Many were restored from various types of spiritual abuse and family matters. As liberation began to settle in the hearts of many, all of a sudden Keith shouted, "Let's all sing Hallelujah." The atmosphere really began to change, and the presence of the Lord came in strong! I am pretty sure I heard angels singing in our midst.

Keith then began to walk in the midst of the people and prophesied destiny over many of them. I could see that these words of life brought restoration to the people.  You could tell that many were being spiritually restored because after the ministry time nobody wanted to leave the room.
Saturday morning was awesome!  Keith ministered on being "sons of fresh oil" and how we need oil to allow our light to shine brightly. He also taught on the commissioning that was to be fulfilled by Zerubbabel in Zechariah chapter four. He explained that in verses 1-5 we have revelation, in verses 6-10 we get impartation, and in verse 11 we see demonstration. So in other words, revelation brings impartation for demonstration!!!! Glory to God!!
Then next, as everyone stood up front, the Lord used Keith to demonstrate the power of God through healing in people's bodies. Keith established a healing prayer line by calling out various words of knowledge.

As these people were in line, Keith began to pray for each one according to the word to which they responded.  He asked the first lady he prayed for what healing she was believing the Lord for.  She responded that she had constant pain in her back and it had been that way for years. Keith then grabbed the lady's right hand and prayed, "Thank you Lord that every bit of the pain leaves her body right now and it never comes back." The power of God hit the lady, and as she started to go down under the power of God, Keith grabbed her and said, "Wait let's see what the Lord did for you!" The lady began trying out her back, and instantly you could see this big glowing smile come upon her face!  Tears began flowing out of her eyes as she realized all the pain was now gone. You could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised that the Lord did that for her. 
That immediately brought a response from the others who were also standing in the prayer line. They let out a shout as they watched with their own eyes as the Lord healed this lady. Then a young man who had strained his fingers from playing a guitar was instantly healed! It was awesome because the young man asked Keith if he could pray for his shoulder also because it had been hurting. Keith said, "Well, why don't you check to see if your shoulder still hurts first." The young man was amazed "it was healed! Everyone's faith level just got greater.  His shoulder was actually healed as he just stood in line!
Everyone who received prayer for healing was instantly healed. A lady's back was healed, and also a man's knees were healed.  After several healings, one lady jumped up and got in line and said "I believe God can heal my high blood pressure!" As faith filled the room, so did the healing presence of the Lord.
Man's Completely Deaf Ear Completely Healed!
The gentleman that had received a healing in his knees also asked Keith to pray for His ears; he had lost his hearing completely in his left ear.  As Keith prayed for him, he went down under the power of God.  When this man stood up and looked at me, (I helped him to his feet) I knew right then that this man's hearing was just restored. That same look had been burned in my memory from a previous time that I was with Keith in Pennsylvania when he prayed for a girl who was completely deaf, and she was instantly healed. Healing has a look, and it's awesome!!! Thank You, Jesus!!
Keith ministered out of a powerful Word and anointing that raised the banner of Jesus over that set of meetings. Keith shared how a harvest river is flowing for the King and His kingdom. We definitely saw evidence of that in these meetings -as God's Word was preached, His healing River of compassion also flowed in demonstration of the Spirit and power!