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The Following is a Report from Patricia Gray who attend the Stand Firm World Ministries Open Heavens Conference in Dallas Texas with Keith Miller, Bobby Conner, Jill Austin, and Michael Larson in March. We have receive many wonderful reports of the Lives that were impacted during this conference.

Open Heavens Conference Report

The Open Heavens conference held in Dallas, Texas on March 22nd to the 25th gave to the many participants the glory of being in the very presence of God. The numbers swelled each day and in the evenings, crowds filled the large conference room. People came hungry. People left filled and changed! It would be safe to say that everyone was touched by the Lord in some manner.

As the Lord moves Keith Miller into greater revelation of what He is doing at this hour, the hungry pour into the conferences, meetings and schools eager for impartation and the teaching to move them into greater depths of God. Keith has downloaded wisdom and revelation from the Lord. With boldness and passion, Keith imparts this revelation through his fiery teaching and preaching and signs and wonders naturally occur.

The Lord has favored Keith with revelation that empowers, frees, and changes all from glory to glory. Those who came to the meetings were not looking for another make-me-feel-good positive speech. They were looking for change, impartation, new levels of understanding and a tremendous outpouring of God's fire. They were not disappointed. Keith has an ear to hear the voice of God. He has a boldness to release to all the dynamic power through the Holy Spirit to accomplish the coming harvest.

The speakers for the March conference included Bobby Conner, Jill Austin, Wesley Campbell and Keith Miller. The topics of each speaker wove in and out of a tapestry of revelation from the throne of God. Each speaker built on and confirmed what the others imparted and levels of revelation and power increased to heightened levels. The Spirit of the Lord had freedom to move with words of knowledge, words of wisdom, prophetic decrees, and healings.

Bobby Conner humored the audience with stories of tapping into the supernatural. His prophetic insights for the metroplex area brought revelation and a stirring to action. As he quoted from his recent book The shepherd's Rod X, he planted hope for the future based on knowing the word of God and keeping our eyes on Jesus. He stated, "The only thing between us and God is our lack of commitment!"

Wesley Campbell talked about the global shifts taking place in the earth today. He enlightened the audience on refuge camps, abducted children, children armies and other catastrophes to stir people to compassion and action. An offering was taken for the orphans and homeless. He taught us to pray the scriptures aloud daily and to meditate on them day and night for the revelatory movement taking place.

Jill Austin moved in demonstration of the power of God. Prophetic words were freely given. She taught we should ask for the manifestations of the presence of God. If we don't believe, we won't be filled. Many were personally ministered to.

Keith Miller imparted zeal and boldness to the audience. He taught that boldness is a place of security that keeps us from wavering. It is a confidence deep within that comes from the Holy Spirit and that boldness releases might.

Keith's reputation is that he is a man of God. Many of the participants at the conference were return attendees from past conferences. They are familiar with the anointing that is reached in Stand Firm conferences and return to experience new levels of revelation and anointing.

Healing flows through Keith and many people were healed in the meetings. The look of surprise of the faces of those healed represented, wonder, surprise and joy. Keith called out various diseases and when the afflicted stood, they were instantly healed! An attendee relates how she was healed in the meeting.

Sabrina Wai Li also of Arlington Texas says:

"Thank God that my stomach is healed at the last meeting when Keith Miller asked those who would like to fast but couldn't to go forward. I went forward. The power of God came on me. Now I am healed. God immediately wants me to fast for 21 days. So far I have been fasting for 14 days without food but just liquid and my stomach is still fine. Glory to God!"

Kelly Arceneaux of Arlington Texas reported a mighty move of God in Dallas.

"From the first step into the conference room, I could feel the electricity, the super-charged atmosphere, of the presence of God and it raised my expectations of how Jesus was going to change my life in the next few days. I know that this lovely presence of the Lord was there, in most part, due to the prayers and attentiveness of Keith and Janet Miller to the Lord.

Keith's passion for the Lord flows out of him with every word he speaks and I would feel a physical jolt in my spirit as his passion and zeal would connect with the Holy Spirit in me. It is contagious and draws you to a new level of hunger for Jesus. I love how he teaches and as he preaches and tells you how he "goes after" the Lord. I have learned so much from this ministry. So much fire, zeal, wisdom has been imparted into me that I AM CHANGED after each conference. My life is different and my love for Jesus increased because with every conference Keith does there comes FREEDOM!"

Glorious Lawrence of Mansfield Texas has agreed that Keith Miller's Ministry is good ground to sow into.

"My knowledge of Stand Firm World Ministry is fairly recent. I attended my first conference in September, 2005 in Irving TX and 2 other since then. The Word of God is shared in such faith, boldness and power, it can not be resisted. Every speaker has an individual message and a special anointing, yet the Holy Spirit has everyone on one accord. It is simply amazing!! I have been especially blessed by Bob Connors and Keith Miller. Their love of God and for the people of God is so apparent. They share their gifts to the Body of Christ unselfishly, always giving God the glory. My life has been transformed from simply being a hearing of the Word to one who witness God's demonstration of His great power. Needless to say--I am now a faith partner with Stand Firm World Ministry."

Donna Graefe of Crowley Texas says:

"I was blessed and touched, hopefully, for a lifetime. I was reminded how much we have to hunger for and ask for more of the Holy Spirit and ask for manifestations of His presence. If we do not expect and we do not hunger it will not happen. All the speakers blessed me permanently.

Keith was wonderful as always. The music and praise and worship were as always such a blessing and brought us into the presence of the Lord. It is fun just being there in the atmosphere. The employees of the ministry are so genuine and helpful, and they were worshiping, too."

The anointing from the Dallas conference continued at Hilltop church in Irving, Texas with meetings that ran from Sunday to Wednesday night. Each night increased in numbers of attendees and the power of the Lord also increased. Each night signs and wonders continued and people were healed, set free and empowered with the Holy Spirit.

Keith brings a freshness, a new anointing, and his fire and passion for the Lord is contagious. He is so willing to impart what he has received by waiting on the Lord for hours to those who attend the conferences. When the power comes in, healings occur, visitations occur and people's lives are changed.

Be sure and join us for our upcoming events. God is about doing great and mighty things all through the Land. What a time we live in! The Lord is releasing a mighty anointing to see the unseen to be seen, the impossible to be possible, for a great demonstration of the Power of God that man would put there hope in the Lord and not men.

Rich Blessings,

Patricia Gray