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     The Texas Ablaze Prophetic Healing Conference hosted by Keith & Janet Miller was more than just another conference. There was a strong and powerful, tangible, transferable anointing that was imparted and released. I truly believe there were new mantles, new anointing, and new commissioning from the Lord that imparted paths of destiny to individuals, cities, and regions.


     Once again, there was a powerful display of the Kingdom through the ministry of Keith Miller (Stand Firm World Ministries)!

     Keith Miller was truly flowing in-line with the rhythm of the Kingdom. He was really hitting a high place in the revelatory realm as well. He was giving detailed prophetic words to individuals and releasing and imparting new mantles from the Lord and calling people into the destiny of the Lord.


    There was also very strong display of power as he ministered. It was as though at times the virtue of the Lord would fly out of him and knock people to the floor as he stood even several feet from them. I was one of those the Lord blasted through Keith.  As Keith began to walk towards me, it was like the anointing was so heavy on him it literally knocked me to the floor and he was more than 15 feet from me.


     He also ministered to a couple who are very close friends of mine that came down with me to the conference. Keith had never met them and knew nothing about them or what was going on in their lives.  But when he ministered to them, he delivered such a detailed word that it was as though he had first-hand knowledge of their situation. This was just one of many testimonies as he moved in the anointing of the Lord. 


      He was also flowing in a strong healing anointing where he would touch people and know that they where sick in body. Keith also opened up some powerful things in the word.  

     I’m telling you there was a powerful, tangible, transferable anointing that was imparted and released in these meetings. Here is just one personal account of the tangible transferable anointing that was imparted and released. This Sunday morning at the (OKC Vineyard in Oklahoma City) my pastor asked me to take the whole service and share about what I received from the conference.


     There was such a download of the revelatory prophetic anointing that came upon me in the service that I wasn't able to share a "message" - I just began to prophecy to well over twenty people in the congregation.  (I also had words for another 8-10 people who were not there at the time.)  There was a real impartation that was released on many individuals and a real breaker anointing was released in the atmosphere of the church.

     Let me strongly encourage you: if you have never attended one of Keith Miller’s  meetings, you need to. This ministry is truly carrying a powerful, tangible, transferable anointing that’s not only imparted to individuals but to cities, regions and nations. I believe we could even one day hear of nations being shaken through this power packed ministry!


     Pray about inviting Keith Miller  to your church, city, region or nation. Also, you may want to pray about sowing a financial seed, either one time or on a monthly basis.  If you do, you will be truly sowing into fertile kingdom soil.