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More, Lord! More of You!”  I cried out as the rest of the congregation was singing a worshipful song. I can’t think of a time when I was hungrier or thirstier for the deeper things of the Lord.  For several months before the “School of the Seven”, I had a vision that repeated itself during times of worship. I was drinking from a river in heaven and it seemed I couldn’t get enough. It wasn’t that the water didn’t quench my thirst; I just desired more and more of it.  I realized that while I was learning to be content, I was not satisfied. I was in a state of limitation and I wanted more. During these times, I remembered a passage of Scripture,
There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God, The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High.  -Psalm 46:4
Day One 
“Lord, increase my capacity to receive this fresh download.”  I pray quietly. I don’t think I am alone. Most of my comrades are feverishly taking notes and trying to keep up as Keith Miller is giving us an ample review of everyday living through yielding to the Holy Spirit. We dive into John 7:38, Isaiah 11:2, Revelation 1:4, and many, many more of the foundational Scriptures for today’s lesson.
I am amazed at how Keith makes the Word literally come alive. This is “The More” that I have been longing for.  Keith consistently quotes from memory and explains loads of other Scriptures. Wow! Tonight I learn:
·        The difference between utilizing gifts and the expression of the Spirits of God
·         The Spirits (rivers) are seven expressions of the Holy Spirit as represented in Isaiah 11
·         Out of the River flows rivers
·         Revelation is ever increasing, ever unfolding
·         Limited understanding keeps us limited in purpose
The Word is penetrating my heart. I now know that I don’t have to live in a state of limitation. I have insight as to what the river means in my vision. It is the constant, continual, perpetual flow of the Holy Spirit. I must remain in close communion, Spirit to spirit, with the precious Holy Spirit. We learn so much more not only by Keith’s words but his actions. Everything Keith teaches he backs up with the Word.
 Day Two  Morning Session
I wasn’t supposed to make the morning session. I had another ministry engagement.  After driving to this event, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit not to go in. I was to go back to the “School of the Seven”. I was not to miss a moment of it. This was more than a training event, it was a divine appointment.
During the morning session, Keith continues the review of the Sevenfold Spirits of God: The Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, Spirit of Counsel and Might, Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord.  We learn what each expression of the Holy Spirit does and how to recognize Him as He flows.
I realize that Keith is flowing in wisdom and understanding. That is how he is able to pack so much

Word into these sessions.  Keith introduces a new topic: The Sevenfold Mantles of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is stirring on the inside of me as He permeates my very being.  I believe that everyone in the room is being transformed from the inside out. 
Afternoon Session Saturation – the state of becoming soaked
After a wonderful lunch with Janet and Keith and great fellowship with one another, we return for the afternoon session.  We continue with the Sevenfold Mantles of the Holy Spirit which is definitely fresh revelation to me. The mantles indicate your identity. I learn that the unseen realm recognizes mantles. They are not for outward display. Rather they represent the nature of Christ in me. Mantles also bring a commissioning to the call. They correspond to the Sevenfold Spirits, and are for ministering in the fullness of the Lord. I also learn that I do not control the flow of the Spirit, I just recognize how He is manifesting and jump in.
Keith and Janet also show us a lamp stand and describe the symbolism of each pipe and even the colors that are represented in each of the Sevenfold Spirits. It was a real “Aha” moment in the Spirit. Again, everything was founded in Scripture. We experience the Word and the Spirit as they flow synchronously. I begin to understand why Keith and Janet Miller are so effective. They really demonstrate and teach others how to love the Lord and His presence.  From this love, all other rivers flow. Even now, the Word they taught was so rare, so precious, that I don’t want to even write about it here. If you would like to go to a deeper realm in the Lord, plan to attend one of the future schools.
The entire atmosphere is saturated by the presence of the Lord.  The joy of the Lord rushes into the room. I wasn’t expecting this!  I am flooded with joy. I haven’t experienced this in years, and I try my best to keep it together but to no avail. Next, the Holy Spirit manifests His healing power.  It was an incredible move of the Lord. Up until this point, we had gained an understanding of being in the Holy Spirit’s presence. Now we are seeing His Power!
 Evening session Impartation - to grant a part or share of
The final session is full of the glory of the Lord as Keith instructs us how to make declarations. “No more delays! No more limitations!” We learn that if we can believe for salvation, we can believe for healing and blessing.  From Psalm 112:3, we learn that wealth signifies finances, but true riches represent His presence and everything it brings. If we are wise, we will cherish this oil.
The Stand Firm World Ministries team forms a blessing tunnel. Through the power of the Spirit, each team member imparts blessing and favor to us as one by one as we go through the tunnel.  I am filled to the point of overflowing. Many are completely undone. We are having a real Holy Ghost party! 
In summary, this is the best training event I have ever attended. I am not exaggerating. I am changed forever.  This is my account.  I know Jesus, the Voice of Many Waters, flowed to each participant and met them right where they are. At the “School of the Seven”, Psalm 42:7 came alive in me, Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; All Your waves and billows have gone over me, as the Word and His presence swept over me.
This is a time of fulfillment!  No more limitations! I will leave you with one final Scripture that Keith Miller quoted multiple times.
 No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. –Psalm 84:11b
I want to give a special thank you to Keith and Janet Miller and the entire Stand Firm World Ministries team for this wonderful school.
Report by Audrey