Houston sees the glory!
We have just finished up a series of meetings in Houston with Keith Miller's Stand Firm World Ministries. Glory School during the day, and open revival meetings at night. What a powerful combination. We had visitations of the Lord day and night for almost a week!

Voices of angels joined us in worship!
On Friday night Pastor Dennis See from Pennsylvania was leading worship. A move of God began that included hearing heavenly voices singing along with us! Keith Miller stood up and encouraged the entire crowd to press in, that something significant was happening in the spirit.

River of fire carries 300 believers away!
Soon after that a river of fire flooded the meeting room and swept the entire crowd into a swirl of spontaneous, abandoned dancing and singing. As the worship escalated, the Holy Spirit poured out and visions, prophecies, and spontaneous healings burst forth. Patricia saw a corporate release of a higher level of breaker anointing, and declared "Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!" in the name of Jesus over the crowd.

Tumors disappear! Hips healed! Mouths open!
During the outpouring, both Patricia and Keith received specific words of knowledge from the Lord regarding people and conditions that were being miraculously healed. A man had a tumor disappear from his throat. Two different women had their right hips completely healed. Several people with mouth and jaw problems were set free of pain and had full use and total range of motion completely restored. A woman with a foot problem that kept her from being able to put any weight on it was healed and able to jump up and down praising God. And one man who had severe liver problems from years of drug and alcohol abuse had fire shoot throughout his body and the pain he used to feel in the area of his liver completely disappeared. These healings happened during worship without any laying on of hands. Praise God!

Anointings, mantles and destiny calls!
Under the swirl of the open heavens, both Patricia and Keith saw a release of mighty anointings and mantles. These included healing ministries, signs and wonders gifitngs, and a new level of holiness that included a gift of ministering the visible glory of the Lord to believers and unbelievers alike! It was a powerful and moving meeting, to say the least

Experience the Glory for yourself!
Would you like to learn to soar into higher realms of glory and experience the angelic? Would you like to walk more closely with the Holy Spirit? Would you like a heightened revelation of the message of the cross? If so, consider attending an upcoming Glory School, or taking the course at home or with your church group by getting the school manual and CD or tape set. For more information on upcoming Glory Schoolsclick here. To order the manual and tape or CD set, visit our online store where you'll also find Patricia's other teachings that include Living Under an Open HeavenReceiving the Anointing, Encountering the Sevenfold Spirit of God and others that will help take you deeper into the Lord and higher into the supernatural!

Sit under Keith Miller's ministry!
If you're familiar with Keith Miller and his Stand Firm World Ministry team you know the purity, integrity and power they walk in. If you're not familiar with Keith, we can't say enough about his ministry. His teaching is outstanding. His preaching is passionate and inspiring. And the gifts and power that he ministers in is simply amazing. He's not known as the Holy Ghost electrician for nothing! Please check out Stand Firm's website at http://www.sfwm.org/, and be sure to look at Keith's schedule for an opportunity to attend one of his meetings. You will be blessed by this wonderful man of God.

In Him,


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