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Fresh Oil & Fresh Anointing 

San Antonio Texas Revival Report
 We were in San AntonioTexas, where God poured out His Spirit as we presented the Gospel to a packed church. How exciting to see the fresh oil flow for revival upon and through the corporate church, the city, and the region. Individuals, families, pastors, and ministry leaders, from every walk and from different churches, cities, and even regions gathered to attend the services. The power of the Word went forth with great vigor and passion as, under a mightyand weighty anointing, I ministered each session with a fresh "word,"  and powerful, prophetic words, decrees, healings, signs, and wonders, and great Holy Spirit power followed. 
There's no turning back when you're transformed!
The crowds hungered for the Word, hungered with desire for more of God, for thefullness of the Holy Spirit. The church was charged with revival hunger and fire! Men, women, teens, children, some children as young two-years old,  packed the altar-clamoring-thirsting-desperate to receive, and they did, in a Holy Ghost explosion of His weighty presence that culminated in people falling under the Power, instant physical and emotional healings-people impacted for Him-healed, transformed by His awesome power. We celebrated with the Lord and the angelic hosts of heaven with those wanting to know Jesus, desiring to give their hearts and lives to Him, and with those making new, solid commitments to Jesus. When you've been transformed, there's no turning back!
Children and Youth hungry for a touch from God
The Lord mightily touched the children, teens, and young adults who determined not to leave until prayed for-they filled the front-pressed in to be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many wept, others seemingly fell into pools of peace, and others shouted with great joy. Friends, when children and young people press in-you know God is up to something mighty!
We give all Honor and Glory to the Lord for the Great Things He has done!