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Revival Meeting Report
by Justin Miller
Glory to our Mighty Lord Jesus!
We are seeing a wonderful flow of healing released as Keith moved with the Holy Spirit and began calling out words of knowledge. Several people shared that they were instantly healed as they responded to the words of knowledge and received prayer. Many people were healed just by being in the presence of the Lord. As they came up for prayer and described their physical problem, they realize the Lord had already healed them.
It was awesome to see the looks of surprise and delight on people's faces as Keith prayed for them, and the Lord removed all their pain and the source of their problems. You can tell by their looks of amazement and shock that they can't believe they were just healed.
As Keith walked down the middle section of the congregation, he pointed to a particular section and asked, "Who is it that has problems, right here, in the back and stomach area?" Keith began to operate in new level of accuracy in releasing the word of knowledge. Immediately, a precious lady responded saying, "That's me! In 2006, I had to have back surgery and started taking pain medication. The medications damaged my stomach, and now I have back and stomach pain."
Wow, only the Lord could have known she had a back and stomach problem! As Keith prayed for her, she went down under the power of God. It was awesome to see the presence of God upon this 71 year old lady. 
Then Keith turned around to a man in the same row and said, "Are you the husband?" He said, 'Yes." So, Keith told him to come out into the aisle, and the power of God came all over the him. As the man laid under the power of the Holy Spirit Keith said, "The Lord says, 'Strength to your legs!'" The man began to weep. A person who came with the couple said, "That's right! That's right! We have been praying for that very thing for the him."
The precious couple also responded to the altar call for all the full time leaders. The front filled with ministers and leaders from the area and all throughout Texas. Come to find out, the man was 74 years old, and the lady was 71. They had been in ministry for over 50 years! Praise the mighty name of Jesus!
Here are some of the healings that took place just last night:
One lady declared, "The pain is gone in my neck, back, and arm. I have had the pain since 1997 from a car accident that left my left side paralyzed."
Another lady shared, "I have had migraine headaches for over seventeen years. I felt fire on my head and my whole body. And now I have no more headaches."
One man shared the Lord healed a 12 year problem with his right shoulder, and he had no more pain in his rotation of his arm.
Another man had pain in his joints, knees, and ankle. All the pain left.
Another lady shared that her right arm was instantly healed as she responded to a word of knowledge. Keith prayed for her and then asked her, "How are you now?" She said, "I'm healed! It is gone."
One man's ear opened up completely last night after being deaf for over 15 years.
One lady with a 4 1/2 year bulging disk problem, which caused a pinched nerve in her left hip, shared that the pain was diminishing in the hip.
A lady responded to a word of knowledge about her eyes. Her eyes started clearing up when she shouted the name of Jesus. The pain in her leg was also gone. She could lift her leg now, and she couldn't before.
People have shared that they have been healed of: diabetes, liver problems, kidney problems, 20 plus years of chronic pain, female problems with their flow, cysts disappearing, people with chronic pain and damaged knees can now stand and jump again without pain. They could not do that for over 3 1/2 years.
Pain from nerve damage for over 30 years was healed.
We have so many testimonies of healings from the meetings we can't get them all typed up.
We give the Precious Lord Jesus all the Glory. We lift up all to Him and say, "Thank you, Wonderful Jesus!"
A powerful flow of the Glory and Power of God came upon Senior Pastors and Leaders in a mighty way as Keith minister to them. One pastor was headed to Cuba to start a third church.
Keith heard the Holy Spirit say, "Pray for the missionaries." Again it was awesome to see how many people were at that the meetings who were missionaries or heading to another nation.
Keith said, "Get up here if you are a missionary or going to another country beside the US or Canada." People came up for Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, Dominican Republic, Congo, Cambodia, Nigeria, Israel, Ghana Africa and many others. Keith prayed for every one of them for the Glory and Power of God to rest upon them in a mighty way.
As the service closed, Keith asked who wanted to go out with fresh Glory and Power and being enabled to minister and live out of the Over Flow instead of No Flow of the Glory and Power of the Lord. Keith then prayed for every person.
People bound by sin are being set free by the atoning work of Christ, miracles, healing, revival impartation and so much more.