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Texas Ablaze Unlimited Anointing  #3 Conference 


Revival Atmosphere in Texas!

God is up to something big here Texas. What an incredible time we had at our Texas Ablaze Unlimited Anointing 3 Conference as hundreds and hundreds of people from many cities and states, regions and nations converged in Dallas for what some report was the "best conference," they'd ever attended! Wow! Talk about revival atmosphere! We felt it even before the conference started that something big was about to happen, and wow, it sure did. The Holy Spirit infused the Word and the anointing upon, in, and through hundreds of lives, transforming many for the glory of the Lord.

There was a powerful release of the Holy Spirit in every session. New wine and fresh oil flowed abundantly, with attendees returning home carrying this precious cargo back to their families, workplaces, churches, cities, states, and even nations to see the threshing floors full of wheat and the vats overflowing with new wine and fresh oil for kingdom harvest for the glory of Jesus!

From Holy Hushes to Shouts of Victory!


From holy hushes to shouts of victory and powerful decrees, our worship times flowed as the anointing of victory and decree fell, and the Holy Spirit released powerful and deep revelations that many individuals and ministries will walk out for many days afterward even years to come! The Speakers, Keith Miller, Bill Johnson, Patricia King, Robert Stearns, and Mahesh Chavda not only moved in powerful levels of revelation, but also impartation and demonstration. The Lord deeply deposited His Word into the hearts of those who had ears to hear!


Of One Accord


There were many different streams of worship, preaching, and ministries gathered but a banner of One lifted up! This was definitely a prophetic signal that something big is taking place! As diverse as our gathering was there was a unity of one accord! The Lord did great and mighty things in our midst! Signs, wonders, healing, transformation, impact, deliverance, refreshing, new mantles, new commissioning, new wine, new oil deposited into those who hungered after Him. Hundreds acknowledged that they felt deep strengthening a rising of the might of the Lord to believe the impossible to be possible, for the unseen to be seen! Much was done for the sake of Christ and the kingdom to transform and impact the world!


Get ready God has released something BIG for you!

First-hand Reports (edited for brevity)

The only way to believe the report of the meetings in Dallas may be to be there. It is like when you try to tell someone about an incredible encounter with or time of revelation from the Lord, and the person looks at you and nods his or her head. They hear and believe, but they don't really comprehend it because the understanding comes from the experience itself. Well, that is what the meetings in Dallas were like. 

We  spent 4 days in the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God"

 The overflow crowds were the hungriest and most ready to call forth the things of the Kingdom than any I can remember being part of. The speakers were walking flames of fire. And, oh, the worship, what a mix: Kevin Prosch, Steve Mitchell, Robert Stearns, and another young and mighty worshiper who broke us through to new chambers of the heart of God, Justin Miller. It was as though the Lord took the specific fragrance of each one and swirled them together into a worship fragrance that was God's own pleasure. And we all got to be a part of it. Amazing!

            There was a release of the essence of Israel into these meetings that brought a depth and fullness that only acknowledging God's love of Israel and the Jewish people can bring! For those who had ears to hear, there was a clear call for us to "seek and to know this significant piece of God's destiny" for the whole body of Christ.


Supernatural and divine healings!


Something I believe I saw here were people "pulling" from the presence of Holy Spirit more than from men. Though the speakers were releasing fantastic revelation and truths, it felt as though people were pulling on the Spirit of God through them rather than on them directly possibly evidence of the maturing of God's people and the arising of a great army of God. One of the effects of this was the supernatural and divine healings that happened during worship or the meetings without direct prayer from another person.


Stand Firm is "Going for it!"

Personally, the standard of what I anticipate seeing and experiencing in these gatherings has risen and having tasted the fruit of this higher place, the taste of the previous is no longer sufficient. I know that Keith and Janet Miller are totally going for it, for all that God is and all that God has for us. And the Dallas meetings were evidence that a whole company of believers that are doing the same. 

     In one of Mahesh's meetings, he gave each person a jigsaw puzzle piece. It was a message that each one of us is a significant piece of the whole picture of God's plan. Without even one piece of the puzzle, the picture can not be complete. You are one of the pieces of the picture and a part of the company of believers that God has chosen. The body of Christ wants you and needs you. 


Patricia G. Reports:

Word is out! People arrive from miles around expecting a great move of God at the Unlimited Anointing event!


As I sat at the registration desk, I watched the great number of people still waiting and milling about the hotel lobby anxious to get into the conference. They'd been wait-listed because we sold out even standing room! Worship had already begun, and many had traveled for hours from other towns and regions to attend. They knew the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was going to come and did not want to miss the move of God! Still, they waited, because the word was out. Wonderful things happen at Stand Firm World Ministry conferences! Evangelist Keith Miller organizes several conferences a year and the attendance is on the rise. That is because people know there are going to be healings, signs, wonders, and miracles as well as wonderful teachings from well-known revivalists. No one wants to be left out! Too many people had been to these conferences in the past and had spread the word "you have to come to a Keith Miller conference. The Holy Spirit will show up and He will have something for you!"

The conference sold out the very first night! Additional chairs were quickly brought in and then Keith came out to the people in the lobby. He wanted everyone who came to be able to get in. Without waiting for the "chair count" he sent them all in. I could see gratitude on their faces. They wanted in! I don't blame them! The conference was everything it promised to be.

Miracles, revelation, direction

Many shared with me that they had received confirmation of what the Lord had been telling them and they felt revived and energized to go forth for the Lord. There were several healings too! One lady, a recovering drug addict, had lost several teeth and felt three new teeth growing in. I observed in her mouth a tooth that was breaking through the gums! Incredible!

     One of my friends two silver fillings were replaced with gold. So excited was he that he showed them to as many as he could! 

Fire taken to Guatemala!

Many received new direction from the Lord. A missionary from Guatemala who had been to meetings before said she had never witnessed the depth of the Lord as she had in these meetings. She said she had been sensing and expecting something for several years but didnt know what it was. At this conference, she now knew what the Lord wanted her to do! She was changed and I could see the fire in her eyes and the excitement for the Lord. She is taking the fire back to Guatemala back to the orphanage for young girls!


     I love to interview people. I love to see the excitement in their eyes as they receive exactly what they need from the Lord. Some weep at new revelation. Some laugh at the joy they receive and deliverance from bondages. God is so good!


Fire Tunnel


At the last night, there was a fire tunnel. This is when the speakers, the staff, and the prayer warriors form two lines facing each other and pray, impart, and lay hands on people as they go through. The fire of the Lord comes and most don't make it out of the tunnel unassisted! They have to be carried, pulled, or helped through! That's a good thing! They are under the power and anointing and are receiving downloads form the Lord. The hungrier you are-the more you receive!


Don't Miss the Next Conference!


We hope you can attend our next Texas Ablaze conference in Dallas.  If you've never attended one "just ask someone has and you'll be fired-up to come! They will undoubtedly tell you that "if you want more of the Lord" revelation, fresh oil, anointing, guidance, direction, impartation, deep unto deep worship, unconditional love, and new and wonderful friendships "then for sure, do what you have to do to get there!"

Please pre-register early. Word is out that things happen at Stand Firm conference! God is doing amazing things! Something BIG is happening here "and something BIG will happen in your life too!"  Attend and plan to return home with the fire of the Lord in you for harvest!