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Dear Friends,

Blessings to you this day! I know that I know that I know that the Lord is pouring out His Spirit as never before, and it was evident at our first "Encountering the Fullness of the Holy Spirit" school that we held this past weekend at the Houston Revival Center.

I'm always excited to help prepare, work at, and to help lead the worship at Stand Firm's schools and conferences, and this event was no exception. I count it a blessing everyday to be able to serve Stand Firm World Ministries and stand alongside my parents, Keith and Janet Miller, in whatever capacity the Lord calls me to.

Even though I'm only twenty-five, I've spent most of my life seeking the Lord, and pursuing Him, and so I'm always excited at our events, because I know God is going to move mightily! He didn’t disappoint me! April 5th to 8th this year was a time I'll never forget . . . 

The first night had a different feel to it that I'd never felt before. I sensed and knew the Lord was doing something, but at first, I wasn't aware of what that was. The atmosphere in the room felt as though it was about to explode and on the brink of breaking wide open. As the night progressed, my anticipation about whatever it was the Lord was going to do at this school, mounted. So excited was I, that the following morning, I surprised our team, and showed up ten minutes early - almost unheard of where I'm concerned, because I'm not a morning person and they expect me to be late! I'd never felt such anticipation before! I was so eager to see what the Lord had in store.

The service began and the worship time with Steve Mitchell was awesome. The presence of the Lord was strong, but it still felt as though things were on the verge of breaking full out. As my Dad, Keith Miller went forward to minister; I felt the anointing grow stronger - it was a lingering presence that I was acutely aware of. My dad's teaching on the unlimited anointing - the fullness of the Holy Spirit without measure was awesome. Imagine the Holy Spirit having total liberty to do whatever He wants to do through our lives, and doing it through His fullness. Keith taught how we can have a divine union with Jesus so that the fullness of the sevenfold flow of the Holy Spirit can operate in our lives daily. Whoa, it was powerful.

Friday morning I surprised the crew again, and arrived early, ready, waiting, and eager to get started! I was so full of high expectation! I sensed, no, I knew the Lord was getting ready to do something brand new. The anointing was still strong in both the morning and afternoon services. As worship started in the night service, I had a strong sense that this time the anointing would break wide open . . . and it did! The anointing hit all of the musicians and we all began playing as hard as we could - we didn't follow a set beat or score, or anything, we just played hard and loud and the intensity of our sound was so great! Finally, my dad came up to teach, and the anointing fell so heavy, I could hardly stand it! I always sit in the back by the sound booth, and I just sat there with everything in me crying out for what my father taught the assembly we could have—the unlimited anointing. Then, unexpectedly, he said, "This is that!" and "What is this anointing!", and "This is that - what is this sound?" "This is that!" "What is this?"

I knew it was true! Everything we had been crying out for, the unlimited anointing where anything is possible with the Lord, where there is no measure of what God can do! This was that! The anointing in the room was electrifying. My dad began to minister to the sick, calling out people and praying for them. The anointing grew and grew. He walked nearly all the way around the sanctuary and was just about to approach the other side of the platform when he shouted, "Everyone, get up here . . . NOW!" I was way ahead of him, for I was already on my feet before he said it! People ran to the front as fast as they could and many of them fell as soon as their feet hit the carpet! It was as though they'd hit a brick wall at a full run! I could barely stand as I made my way to join them. The moment my foot touched the carpet, wham! - the anointing hit heavier than I'd ever experienced before. It was so strong that I was a little scared, because it was so intense. Every fiber of my being felt alive! I have no other words to describe how it felt. All I could find within myself to do was to cry, and say His name, "Jesus!" I knew at that moment, "This is that!"

Friends, experiencing God this way transformed me. I've felt the anointing before and I've attended many awesome meetings where the Lord's presence has been strong, but I've never, ever, felt the anointing with the intensity I felt it that night and the following morning, and everyone I've talked to since who were there, are saying the same thing.

God's presence was just as strong at the Saturday morning service when my father spoke. His presence lingered into the afternoon as he spoke on the Spirit of might—Kratos! Just as he began ministering, kratos hit a good friend of mine. He fell to the floor with such force, that the entire first row of chairs knocked back into the second row! Then kratos power hit Steve Mitchell, too. As I stood in the back in the middle of the walkway observing, my dad came over to me and said, "Yeah! I know you want this! This is why you're standing there!" Then he said, "Take it!" Whoosh! I had my eyes closed, and my arms lifted, and then I was hit with such force that I thought my father had tackled me from a full run! I'd never ever felt anything like this before. When I finally could rise from the floor, I found my father. "Dad," I asked, "Did you tackle me?" He laughed and said, "No son!" Nearby staff confirmed it and said, "No, he didn't tackle you, Justin, he hardly touched your shoulder!"

When I left later in the afternoon to get back to the hotel to prepare for the evening service, the floor was still packed with people laying there soaking to our new prayer CD, Atmosphere of Heaven. The conversation in the car all the way to the hotel was about how great the meetings had been. I rode with two fellows who have both been to just as many, if not more meetings than even I have, and they both confirmed that these were indeed, the best meetings they'd ever attended! I was still so under the anointing that I ran the car through a red light, and never even noticed until one of the guys pointed it out to me.

The last night of the school was impartation! Impartation for the fullness of the Holy Spirit! After the last lesson, Keith called everyone to the front, prayed, and imparted to every person.

What happened this past weekend in Houston impacted me all over again for Jesus. 

Blessings to you,



Justin Miller