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Report of Prophetic Healing Conference with Keith Miller

Celebration Community Church

                         San Jose, Ca 


When Keith Miller arrived in San Jose, God immediately connected him with the open heaven over Celebration!  His message of restoration, release, might andpower (with understanding) resonated in each heart.  

The Holy Spirit moved like electricity through the meetings as Keith spoke God's word directly into the hearts of the many gathered from all over the Bay region!

God's throne was established from the first Holy Spirit-charged moments of this conference!   Friday through Sunday, the Worship Team set the atmosphere for His presence, building to a beautiful crescendo of sustained silence Sunday night which lead to an explosive evening of impartation. 

Pastor Greg Babish and members of the Worship Team watched as the Glory Cloud with the tangible presence of the Lord filled the Sanctuary.

Clear, precise prophetic mandates were declared by Keith for regional impact.  The breaker-anointing was released to set ministries on course, fortify leadership, and ignite an explosion of impartation!   

Reports were given of long-standing emotional hurts being shaken off and out! 

Pain immediately eased or completely disappeared in joints, heads, internal organs as healing flowed. 

Cries of relief were heard as stresses and years of pent-up emotions were dispelled by the loving hand of God! 

Teens and younger children were amazed at the demonstration of His power!