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An Ocean of Oil by Keith Miller
I recently had a powerful dream. When I was awakened, I knew the dream was a prophetic declaration for a coming release in the Spirit. In the dream, I began shouting out, “I had a dream!” In this dream, I saw a new level of anointing being poured out. I could actually see the anointing above waiting to be poured out. It was like an ocean of water coming, but it was the anointing.
I also said in the dream, “This will bring harvest! You will see harvest from this anointing!
When I awoke, I knew immediately that this fresh, rich, green, flourishing oil will bring refreshing, renewing, refocusing, and replenishing. I knew this anointing was going to be a very powerful anointing for shaking off the dust of the previous season and past weariness.  The dust and weariness of the previous seasons will be shaken off, and a new level of refreshing, renewing, refocusing, and replenishing will take place. The weariness will be removed, and refreshing will happen, not just once but perpetually.
Also, in the dream I was shouting, “I see a new level of the anointing being poured out!” I could literally see the anointing above. In the dream I was shouting with excitement, beckoning the hungry. “It is an ocean of anointing; it will bring harvest!” I cannot fully express in words the joy and excitement that overwhelmed me in the dream, or the simultaneous intensity of what I was seeing and feeling. I could visibly see the anointing as it was coming, and I was proclaiming the coming of the anointing when it came.
I want to encourage you with this word. A new level of the anointing will be released. Also, you will shake off the dust of the previous season. This is a time to be refreshed, renewed, refocused, and replenished for the new season you are entering into. Let’s get under the ocean of oil!