Join Keith Miller on It's Supernatural with Sid Roth for a great interview about Accessing the Untapped Dimensions of the Holy Spirit. Every believer needs to know and flow with the Precious Holy Spirit. Keith also shares on a recent Encounter with the Lord about the Majestic Glory of God's Presence. We have Unlimited Access to The Majestic One. In the Presence of the Majestic Glory, the Awe of God is released. Sid then has Keith pray for everyone during the program.  We are so very Grateful for Sid Roth and his complete staff and team. An amzing group of people. Sid is full of the zeal of the Lord with great wisdom and a deep Love for the Glory of the Presence of the Lord.
Tens of thousands have seen Keith's interview of people. Praise the Lord. We have had an incredible response with the body of Christ hungry to partner and flow with the Holy Spirit plus to learn and know about the seven-fold flow of the Holy Spirit.  
Also, the Powerful revelation from the Encounter with the Lord about the Majestic Glory of God. 
We have provided some great link to several of the programs:  
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