School of the Spirit with Keith Miller
May 8-9, 2020
As believers, we have been given eyes to see and ears to hear what the Father is saying and doing. We have been given the Spirit of the Lord that we might know the wisdom of God. Not man’s wisdom but the wisdom of God by the Holy Spirit. We have access to the Wisdom of God…
Yes for us, the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom and Might are empowering us to advance through the door of change we find ourselves in. Wisdom and Might together are two of the seven functional (“seven-fold” - Is 11:2) anointings of the Rivers (John 7:38) of the Holy Spirit that are flowing for you in a mighty way! 
We are living in changing times and experiencing more significant challenges. But there is good news. We do not have to peer through the lens of adversity or hard times darkly. Neither should we grope our way through hardship, veer off to the highway of destiny, or even engage survival mode in these times. Instead, we can stand firm and brave because, as Spirit-filled believers, we have God-given eyes to see through the night what others cannot!
Friday Night             7:00 PM CDT   Spirit of Might
Saturday Morning   10:00 AM CDT  Spirit of Wisdom

Registration for this school is free: We do ask that you would register.