School on the Seven Spirits of God!
 Encountering The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
The Limitless possibilities of yielding to the Holy Spirit
Amarillo, Texas June 6-8, 2019
Do you desire to see the impossible become possible—for the supernatural to become a natural part of every day? Are you hungering deep in your inner man for something more—and you don’t quite know what that is? How would you like to be so strengthened, transformed, and empowered to walk out and see things far beyond anything you could ever imagine or desire, according to God’s mighty power?
Several years ago Keith Miller experienced a profound prophetic encounter that caused him to press in for deeper communion with the Lord. Through that experience and the resulting years of study, he has launched a powerful life-changing school on the Fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Keith teaches out of a deep vein and well of revelation about the Seven-fold Spirit of the Lord of Isaiah 11:2 and Revelation 4:5. Keith has written a book about encountering and living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit based on his study and revelation, that book is Surrender to the Spirit. It is now in three different languages.
The Holy Spirit desires you to live daily in the fullness of the Lord so that Jesus will receive glory and honor through His great power working in and through you. Jesus said to the Father, “As You sent Me, Father, send them!” (John 20:21). God will empower you, just as He did Jesus, to walk out the fullness of your destiny, with that same unlimited anointing of the Holy Spirit! (John 3:34). This fullness is available to every believer, for we have inherited the blessing and privilege to know the mysteries, secrets, and thoughts of God (Rom 8:16).
Come to receive this anointed and deep teaching. Purpose to join Keith for nine sessions and learn how to encounter the Holy Spirit in a deep and profound way!
◊ Learn how to awaken every day in a fresh anointing, and live as an overcomer.
◊ Learn how the Lord releases and activates the seven-fold functions and expressions of the Holy Spirit in your life daily.
◊ Learn how those functions and expressions flow through your life.
◊ Understand how to ascend new realms of your destiny by operating out of the fullness of knowing God.
◊ Come to a greater and deep unto deep understanding of the Seven Fold Spirit of God. 
◊ Learn how to move and flow in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit!  
◊ Learn how to live out of a deep place of maturity of the Holy Spirit and develop the mature stature of Christ in you!  
◊ Walk out your destiny and ascend to new levels with Him.  
◊ Enter into a deeper level of pressing into Him.  
◊ Learn how God releases a divine impartation for your destiny and how He equips you for your destiny in Him.  
◊ Partake of the mysteries of the Kingdom.  
◊ Learn how to move in the breaker anointing. 
◊ Learn how to demonstrate the Spirit of the Lord through your life not in word only, but in a demonstration of the Spirit that will cause people to declare that surely God is with you.
◊ Learn how to tap into the endless supply of fresh oil!
◊ Learn how to move into the breakthroughs for the future.
Registration includes our study manual. Get ready to ascend to a new level of destiny and a manifestation of the fullness of the seven-fold Holy Spirit in and through your life!



Keith Miller

Keith Miller Prophetic/ Revivalist, is the Founder of Stand Firm World Ministries. Keith has had several encounters with the Lord that have released a strong prophetic and power anointing, seeing signs, wonders, and healing with regional impact. Keith ministers in the word and anointing, seeing people equipped, empowered, and released into their destiny. Keith is the Author of the bestselling book Surrender to the Spirit and Host's a TV Program Encountering the Word and Spirit.


Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell has an incredible passion to see the Kingdom and beauty of God revealed on earth. His ministry is characterized by the song of the Lord, and it will draw you into the presence of God. He is currently the worship leader at his home church in Saddle Brook, NJ, where he resides with his wife and 2 children.


Holiday Inn   Trailblazer Conference Room
8231 Amarillo Boulevard West
Amarillo, TX 79124


Holiday Inn (School Hotel)
8231 Amarillo Boulevard West
Amarillo, TX 79124
*Be sure to ask for the Stand Firm World Ministries Discounted Rate of $109.00(Breakfast included)
Cutoff Date for Hotel is May 20th



JUNE 6-8 2019




June 6 
Thursday Morning     1:00 PM Pre Registration
Thursday Afternoon  2:30  PM (School begins)
Thursday Evening     7:00 PM
June 7
Friday Morning    10:00   AM
Friday Afternoon   2:30    PM
Friday Evening     7:00    PM
June 8
Saturday Morning    10:00 AM
Saturday Afternoon  2:30 PM 
Saturday Evening    7:00  PM Impartation and Ministry Service for School Attendees

JUNE 6-8 2019  
Seven Fold Spirit of God School
Encountering the fullness of the Holy Spirit   
Registration is required for this Event! Register Quickly. There is limited seating for this school.


Cost of School is $35.00 Per person  Registration fee covers School Manual. 
Freewill offering will be taken each day.

 *Use of recording equipment of any kind during the conference sessions is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Stand Firm World Ministries



Register by phone  Toll Free   1-877-675-4133


*Speakers and Schedule are subject to change without notice.

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