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Hungry for the Word!<br />Alice <br /><br />I was at your meetings here in San Antonio on Friday morning and evening and Saturday morning and evening. Aside from thoroughly enjoying the touch of God and being in wonder of the revelation that was brought forth from the word by Keith Miller, Bobby Connor and Denis Davis from San Antonio, something deeper took place in me.<br /><br />The way I testified at my church, Living Word Church, on Sunday morning was that I had been in-filled with the Spirit, but rather than walking out fully satisfied with that in-filling, I actually walked out hungrier than when I went in. By that I mean that hearing every teaching and seeing how you all have mastered the Word of God, and by that I mean, the way all of you gave us understanding of its application, has caused me to want to seek and search God's Word. I believe that I know the Word to some extent and have even taught the Word with revelation that the Lord gives me, but my knowledge and understanding is far from what it needs to be. Someone said at the meeting that it was your goal that we should have both knowledge and understanding of the Word. Those words must have been driven deep into our spirit by the Holy Spirit, because that is now my greatest desire. <br /><br />What I saw was how magnificently all of you extracted even the smallest word out of scripture and I saw that that word became life for you and then for us as we heard you speak about it. I've always known that the Word of God is literally life to us, but now, I have a deeper understanding of just how much life it really is to us. <br /><br /><br />God bless you all for giving of yourselves and of what the Lord has deposited in you, never once showing any tiredness of body, although it must have been tiring. I know that it is a labor of love and that the Lord carries you. May you and yours be blessed beyond measure and with an even greater anointing, if that is possible. <br /><br /><br />God has started a deep work in me personally and I know also in many others that were there. I do not know who this testimony will be relayed to, but would you please let all three of these men of God know how much fruit they are bearing for the Kingdom. To make one hungry for the Word, I believe, is as great an achievement as one can obtain. To God be the glory! I wish I could personally say what I feel to all three of the brothers that spoke this past weekend, but I pray that the Holy Spirit will relay my heart as they read these words. <br /><br />With a most sincere heart,<br /><br />Alice <br />Living Word Church

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