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Roger & Kerry

<p>Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough!<br /><br />Roger and Kerry<br /><br />This past week during the Glory &amp; Power Meetings held in San Antonio, Texas, we saw amazing things happen. First, building up to the meetings, I felt a stirring in my spirit that this was not going to be just another set of meetings. These meetings were holding an encounter for those wanting more of the Lord. As we walked in the first night, you could feel the expectation of those present already drawing the presence of the Lord down. The praise and worship was awesome. <br /><br /><br />We didn't have any money to put in the offering so I asked the Lord to provide us with seed for an offering. The speaker prophesied over us, "Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! No, I really mean it. Breakthrough is coming for you two." At the end of the meeting, a man came up and said, "This is for you." He placed some folded bills in my hand. I knew immediately what it was for. Roger and I just had to wait to see when the Lord wanted us to sow it. We didn't have to wait long. The next mornings offering was for breakthrough! We put all we had in it. That was Friday morning. Three days after the meetings, we received an e-mail indicating that our company had been selected to provide hunting services for a company a $10,000 profit! With these funds, we were able to get completely debt-free. PRAISE GOD! <br /><br />I also had an encounter with the Lord on Saturday night. After the offering, Keith stepped up onto the stage and I began trembling. The more he spoke, the more intense the tremble became. I had to bend over in my chair because the weightiness was so great. This divine encounter lasted the entire meeting. At one point the intensity let up enough that I could raise up a bit, and as I did, the ground underneath my feet began trembling it started from the back of the room and moved up to the front. I felt it go under my feet, and then the intensity of the presence became stronger than before. During the encounter I had a vision. There was a dam that was about the length of a football field and below the dam appeared to be a desert. There were houses and trees, but the trees were bare and there seemed to be no life. In the vision the dam burst and the water gushed out. As the water hit the trees, it created mini-geysers. As the water passed over the houses and trees, the scene changed. It was not devastation as we are used to seeing by floods, instead all the desolate land the water touched was turned into green, revitalized pastures. The trees became gigantic with tons of green leaves. As the water passed over the homes, life began to come forth from them. <br /><br /><br />We attended the Sunday morning service and the pastor shared that his daughter had been raised in the church and has been prayed for a thousand times and never experienced even a twitch of manifestation. She would just simply look at you and say thank you. The pastor said that after Keith prayed for her, she was so touched by the power of God that even an hour later she had to be carried out of the church because she could not walk. The pastors comment was, "THAT WAS TRULY GOD!"<br /><br /><br />I interviewed a young woman about 24 years of age that had been healed the first night of a shoulder injury that occurred when she was three. The very next day, the same girl was also healed of a pain in her abdomen area. The pain began after she had her baby and was there continually, everyday, non-stop. The Lord took all the pain away. No more pain. Praise God!! <br /><br /><br />The Lord also touched a man behind me and healed his back. He was suffering from back pain due to years of hard labor. The anointing was so strong at one point in the meeting that Keith simply waved his hand toward the audience that was standing at the time and the power of God hit them, causing about five rows of people to fall into their chairs. <br /><br /><br />The worship team on the platform had an awesome encounter. An angel showed up behind the worship leader and she began to weep. The whole platform began to shake and the entire worship team began to be touched deeply.<br /><br />God Bless you, <br />Roger and Kerry</p> <!-- BEGIN WebSTAT Activation Code -->WS_js = "1"WS_js = "1.1"WS_js = "1.2"WS_js = "1.3"WS_js = "1.4"WS_js = "1.5"WS_js = "1.6"WS_js = "2.0" <div style="visibility: visible; z-index: 1000;"><a target="_new" href="http://www.webstat.com/"><img border="0" width="1" src="http://hv3.webstat.com/scripts/wsb.php?WSc=yes&amp;WSpn=&amp;WSref=http%3A//sfwm.org/newhome/index.cfm%3Fpage%3Dtestimonies&amp;pg=60321&amp;ac=62224&amp;w=1440&amp;h=900&amp;c=24&amp;js=1.6&amp;WSvp=http%3A//sfwm.org/newhome/showtestimonies.cfm%3Fid%3D99&amp;tz=300&amp;ls=&amp;cam=undefined&amp;evt=undefined" height="1" /></a></div>

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