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At the last conference in Dallas - we wrote down several family members names - we've had some good breakthrough on them, but I am most excited about the complete healing of my anorexic 16 year old niece from Houston. <br /><br />James prayed for her before she entered the Laureate clinic here in Tulsa - she weighted only 75 pounds (5'3") I prayed for her as we admitted her in - while her mother (my sister) filled out paperwork, etc. <br /><br />The very next day, she woke up NOT depressed, NO body image issues, HUNGRY, asked for MORE food, and told everyone that GOD HEALED HER! She not only got better - she gained 3-4 pounds per week (usually 1-2 pounds is normal) and was obedient (something James ministered to her about) and when we were able to visit her, some of the other girls asked for us to pray for them as well since Monica had such joy. <br /><br />So, her little testimony is going to trickle down for a long long time in these other girls! It's just amazing to see how the Lord works.

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