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To Keith and Janet Miller and The Stand Firm Team<br /><br /><br />I just want to express from the depth of my heart how greatful and thankful I am to be apart of such an amazing family. I am so touched by your sincerity, purity of heart and love. It is very genuine. <br /><br />Your ministry has definitely been a tremendous blessing to me. The first school I attended was Dallas,Texas Ablaze, Then I returned for The Overcomers School. <br /><br />Not to mention recently returning home from Austin. What riches, we've received. I am so hungry for more and more. I can't get enough. I want so much more. <br /><br />Note; I am not sitting on the wealth of knowledge that is provided. I work as a flight attendant so I have a captive audience. LOL! They can't get off the plane til we land. That has been my mission field for the last eight years and it has been so wonderful to serve and reign on the airplane. I meet so many great people and I am able to talk with them; speak into their lives, pray for them, give away books, and see people healed, it's awesome! <br /><br />I can say that I am joyously sowing into great anointing. It is an honor to partner with you. My God mother and I are interceeding for you. I just want you to know I love you and say Thanks.<br /><br />Ingrid

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