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Thank you so much for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior.<br /><br />Our church, Amazing Grace Bible Fellowship in Redmond Oregon with our Pastor Randy DeMain, had the great blessing some time ago to have Keith come and visit our congregation. Our Lord is so present. <br /><br />Within our city, we house an outreach center called Full Circle Outreach Center. Our Pastor Randy DeMain is on our advisory board. We see between 12-28 people daily. The lives of our broken brothers and sisters are finding deep repair with our Fathers presence so strong within this ministry. <br /><br />Our volunteer staff has passed around your book, Surrender to the Spirit, and our lives are touched, moved and changed because of it. Our core team have started praying for your ministry and your families. <br /><br />Thank you so much for taking the time to allow God to move in you for the writings of this precious book. We bought one copy to try it out and now we are praying to have it as part of our manditory books that each volunteer will need to read in order to work effectively within our outreach center. <br /><br />The pages of your book are tattered now and we are happy to say this to you. A book without torn pages is a book that sits upon a shelf and yours is one to be passed around and around. Thank you, Thank you and mya the fire of our Father fall deeply upon you and consistently with you all.<br /><br />God Bless your life~<br /><br />Rebecca Nicholson <br />founder of Full Circle Outreach Center<br />Redmond Oregon

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