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I want to shout from the mountain tops and tell everyone what He has done!<br /><br />While signing up for the luncheon yesterday, I was explaining to the lady at the registration desk that I was on a restricted diet. No wheat or gluten, because I would get bad spinal spasms &amp; pain. She said a prayer right then &amp; there to ask Jesus to heal me, and to hold onto it, and claim the healing.<br /><br />I had already sent in the request for a fruit bowl instead of the luncheon entree. I then decide that after that prayer I was going to step out in faith &amp; eat whatever was on the plate they served me. After all, the chance of anyone knowing that I was the fruit bowl lady was pretty slim-you have to make yourself known on those sort of things.<br />I ate everything on that plate! Then Keith began ministering from the front &amp; he called for those with stomach trouble to be brought forth for healing. I felt a tremendous wave of God's Presence, &amp; was Thank god for touching my life so much &amp; in so many ways.<br /><br />Last night I met up with my family for dinner. I had a whole bread stick-those Olive Garden breadsticks, are yummy and I hadn't had one in years. Usually one or 2 bites would send me into severe spinal spasms &amp; abdominal pain that would last a week or more. Sometimes my rib would pop out of place because of the spasms.<br /><br />I tell you all this because if God would do that for me, then He wants others to know. I suggest that if He did if for me, then the anointing is here to you right now. God wants to bless and heal His people. That's the Power of Christ's blood.<br /><br />Laura

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