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Hi Keith,<br /><br />This is Janie, Danny's mom. I wanted to run this awesome quick deed blessing we received. When you where at our church you told us there was an Angel present with quick deeds passing them out. Well I reacted to that vision in good faith and extended my hand as if I was receiving one. I remember saying to myself Lord, I take one.<br /><br />But, before I get into how it all took place I believe this information is important to share. Just to prove that the Angel you saw was where you saw him. The couple who was sitting behind us received their quick deed the following Wednesday after you were gone. They testified about receiving money that had been held back for a few months. Praise God! just wanted to let you know that we were all sitting in the same section.<br /><br /><br />Pete and I received a love gift from a family member, and soon after that we received a letter from our mortgage company letting us know how much our balance to our home was. <br />Well to our surprise it was to the penny of what we had received. I heard it as loud as a trumpet blast. "This is your quick deed, the deed to your home" Hallelujah!!!! we send out that check and we now have our quick deed of our home saying paid in full.<br /><br />God is so good! this is so awesome, imagine how our spirits are rejoicing to receive something so special from above. And to make it more exciting, it was personally hand given to us. All we had to do was respond to the Word of the Lord. Glory to God!<br /><br />A million thanks to you Sir, for speaking and sharing what He gives you from His throne room.<br /><br />Blessings to you Sir, looking forward to seeing you in Dallas,<br /><br />Janie

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