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Keith,<br /><br />My name is Aaron and I was at Oasis Community Church in San Antonio for your first conference of the year, praise God. I wanted to tell you about a personal experience that I had with God after the conference. <br /><br />At the conference you testified about God's favor and grace with quick deeds, when you spoke about this I felt the power of God moving. I am a co owner (I have about 5 partners) of a computer software/web development company, about 3 months ago a subcontractor stole about $40,000 from my company. <br /><br />Since then we have continued to pay our employees as we work on contracts but to make up the difference but to make sure we can honor our commitments I and the other owners have held back our pay. As of 1/18/07 I was holding back about 2 months of my pay. Since Sunday God has open several doors, literally out of the blue, this week it has not been uncommon for me to walk into the office and be shocked by new opportunities and contracts that literally fall at my feet. <br /><br />Though I could see God opening new doors we did not have any short term contracts that would result in immediate payment (allowing myself and the other owners to pay ourselves). <br /><br />Despite this I had complete faith and confidence that God would provide (even though my families finances were being stretched to the point of breaking). This Thursday (1/18/07) as I was getting ready to go to Church (for our mid week meeting) I received a call from one of my partners (at about 6:20). Before I answered the phone I could feel God's presence and I knew something was about to happen. I answered my phone and after my partner said hello I asked "what has happened, I know it's something really, really good" (which is unusual, normally if I am getting a call at 6:20 it is about a bad thing). <br /><br />This shocked my partner who then explained to me that we had won a large contract that we had been trying to land (about $ 175,000) and that we could expect the first payment either Friday or early next week (which we had not expected at all), the first payment from this contract would be enough so that myself and all of my partners could collect. God moved with a quick deed to rectify my financial situation (and has opened several doors which I know will lead to favor that I cannot even imagine). I just wanted to let you know and tell you that God is Great may all sing his praises. <br /><br /><br /><br />Aaron

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