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Pastors LaRue & Anna

Keith,<br /><br />It happened just like the Lord said it would. It took 4 days, but tonight the Is 11:2 anointing broke out. It was Holy Ghost Chaos. People were dropping everywhere. Entire sections and rows were dropping under the power of the Holy Spirit. This was a conservative word of faith church. Your bearing fruit in Korea. That anointing that was given to me the last night of the Houston conference, landed in Korea. I wish you could have been here to see it. It was simply glorious. I do not think they were ready for it, but it just spontaneously broke out. One the most powerful moves of God that I have ever had the privilege of participating in. <br /><br />I thank you with the depth of my heart. Tell Janet and your family Hello,<br /><br />LaRue &amp; Anna

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