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Dear Keith &amp; Janet,<br /><br />Wow! How else can I describe the conference last week! Isn’t it awesome that God loves us so much that He wants to come through the Holy Spirit and dine with us at such a divine feast! Truly He was there and truly we were fed from His servant! If I had to sum up the conference in one word, that word would have to be the word HUNGER. You seem to have quite a gifting for moving the body out of apathy and into a feeding frenzy for the fullness of the Lord. It does not seem to matter how long we have been saved, nor to what level of maturity we are at, we all need to be moved (catapulted) forward to the next level of intimacy in this journey. The manual is so rich with divine meat,<br /><br /><br />I know I am biased, but in my opinion it was the best manual I have ever been presented with for a conference or a teaching for that matter. I am anxious to read the book. <br /><br />I want to commend you both for your willingness to be used by our Lord to walk the journey that has been laid before you. You are not only a blessing to the Kingdom, you have blessed Shae and I personally in ways you may not even be aware. Keith, <br /><br />I want to personally thank you for your display of utmost integrity in the financial matters for her services. <br /><br />Keith &amp; Janet, do you want to know what touched me the most at the conference, other than the Holy Spirit of course? I am so glad you asked! It was the love that radiates between the two of you! It was so evident when you looked into each other's eyes. Friends, that is a powerful demonstration of Jesus Christ in your lives! Keith, I am not so naïve to think that there has not been hard times, but the hard times develops and exposes our character. I want you to know that for many years my prayer has been that I will reflect the character of Christ in who I am and everything I do. That is what I saw in the two of you!

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