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By Pastor Bob Sawvelle

Tucson Area Meetings Report<br /><br />By Pastor Bob Sawvelle<br /><br /><br />We were honored to host revivalist Keith Miller of Stand Firm World Ministries Jan. 9-11th for Tucson Ablaze meetings. Keith was such a blessing to our church family and to those in the city that attended the meetings. Each meeting was a fresh release of God’s presence, power and the word preached. I had several people tell me “these were some of the most powerful meetings we have ever held at our church” and indeed they were. Not only were we impacted by God’s presence and power through Keith’s ministry, but we were equally as touched by his humble nature that was real, accessible and friendly.<br /><br />After entering into a powerful time of prophetic worship Friday night, Keith began to exhort the crowd to “receive the abundant grace that God has for us this year” as we sang about God’s grace. You could sense faith begin to arise in the room, as many began to appropriate grace as we “walked through” the open door in faith. A month ago, God spoke to me that “2009 was the Year of the Open Door” and impressed upon me the significance of Isaiah 45 for this year. I had not shared this word with Keith prior to the meeting and was pleasantly surprised as he began to preach Friday night and exhort us that “2009 was the Year of the Open Door, Favor &amp; Grace!” He then began to teach out of Isaiah 45 how God will not just open the doors but “shatter the doors” before us as He is the victorious one! What confirmation to the start of the meetings and for this New Year for us!<br /><br /><br />During each meeting “nuggets” of truth and revelation flowed forth as Keith exhorted us from the word and with insights God had given him. There were times of prophetic words and impartation as the Holy Spirit led Keith to minister over individuals or groups of people. At times, many were deeply ministered to as the Holy Spirit moved upon them in powerful manifestations. Several received healings during the meetings, including a woman with chronic pain in her body for 28 years. After prayer, she felt heat all over her body, and reported on Monday that she was 75% better and continuing to improve. <br /><br />There were many others on Sunday morning that re-dedicated their lives to God, and many in that meeting were overcome with tears of repentance and joy as God through Keith began to draw them back into the place of the Father’s love for them. Sunday night a young man from the neighborhood came to the meeting, and told several of our youth that “I have wanted to come for a while, and would stay outside in the parking lot with my skateboard, afraid to come in.” Sunday night he had the courage to come into the meeting eventually accepting Christ and receiving additional ministry. By the end of the evening, he went with several of the youth for a hamburger, and told them “I’ll see you at the youth meeting next Friday!” <br /><br /><br />We thank God for putting Tucson on Keith &amp; Janet’s hearts and for all that He did during the meetings here. We hope to have Keith back soon for more revival meetings as we know this region is ready for an outpouring of the Spirit!<br /><br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />Bob Sawvelle, Sr. Pastor<br /><br />Tucson Area Christian Fellowship

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