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It is truly difficult to convey all that took place during the school. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was a key time not only in my life but in time we are living in and precisely for Houston itself. I have never felt nor known the sense of destiny with such power before. The Lord had previously spoken to my about April 8th, and the occurrence of something important in my life. On the 8th, Keith called me out to the aisle and began to speak into me. He confirmed the word of "destiny" as he declared those precise words. As he was speaking, he was moving his hand toward me and every time he did that I literally felt those words being seared into my spirit. To me it was God himself speaking and embedding those words into me. After the school, I had been invited to attend Abiding Life Christian Church by Terrina and knew that I was to be there as well. The sense of destiny and walking in it continued. A friend and I were ministered to by Keith after the service and the flow just continued. It is as if during the school, I was emersed fully in the "river" and have been carried in it since. <br /><br />Since my return back to San Antonio, as I said, the flow has continued. I am in a new place that I have never been before. When someone is speaking to me, its as if my ears have been open, because I am hearing on many levels at the same time. Today, I was referred to Ps . 29, which talks of the voice of the Lord being over the waters. I believe in part that is a bit of what I am experiencing. Also, in prayer yesterday, felt that the Lord was saying to me that He was changing us from one substance to another..like changing the water into wine at the wedding at Cana ...true transformation. <br /><br />Blessings,<br /><br />Theresa E. Estrada , D.C.

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