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Hello &amp; Blessings to Keith &amp; Janet &amp; All the ministry team, First of all I want to say to Keith that I have seen you several times at different meetings and I saw such a change in you. <br /><br />I saw your heart and passion for <br />Jesus in such a deeper way; Not that you didn't have a heart for Jesus before but there was a change. I agree with you that this school was life changing. I have been to a school on the 7 fold spirits of God but it wasn't <br />like this. This was a divine appointment. The first night of the school the Lord brought me into a vision and I saw the Lord standing there with Glory all around him and in one hand (his left) he held the golden lampstand and <br />in his right hand was a key ring with 7 golden keys. The Lord gave the keys to an angel and I knew the Angel was going to give the keys to the people at the school. The keys opened new doors and the Lord said the doors were new <br />annointings they were going to walk through. This annointing specifically has to do with the Harvest.I knew from that vision that this school would be awesome. For me personally, the Lord did amazing things. He brought final <br />deliverance to addiction to sugar which I have been dealing with all my life but the last 2 years the Lord has been dealing with me about this. He delivered me from an area of fear that I had that I had forgotten about . <br />He <br />was totally removing anything that would hinder me from walking in the fullness of the annointing of the 7 fold Spirit. The fullness of the flow of the Holy Spirit in my life, not in measure (which is how I was operation <br />before) but in fullness. The Lord had been putting a desperation &amp; fire within me for the DEEP, DEEP things of him. Now there is no limit only unlimited. The Lord showed me so many things while I was there. I saw so <br />much in the spirtual realm while I was there. It was totally awesome.<br />Words cannot describe what this school will do for the body of Christ!!! THIS IS <br />THAT!!! IT IS A NOW WORD FOR THIS TIME. Again, blessings to you and your team. I pray that yall will open an office here and will be doing ALOT more things here in Houston. There is a hunger for the deep things of God here!! <br />Donna

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