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Call Unto Me and I Will Show You Great and Mighty Things<br />Wednesday 15, 2006 <br /><br />A gathering of 70 people at a training facility called, School of the Overcomer, in Amarillo, TX ( <br />www.sfwm.org) has introduced me to the Holy Spirit as I have never known Him before. <br /><br />I was pleasantly surprised with the teachings that were breaking through the atmosphere into my heart this February because of what I was being exposed to. I left that school feeling as if God had put His mighty creative hand on the top of my nicely groomed hair and scrambled it like a little kid finding approval from her doating Father for the very first time. <br /><br />I walked away with a confidence in knowing that I am divinely ordained to be like Jesus because the same Spirit that is in Him is also in you and me. The class made me realize that previously, I had only been pretending to claim and step into His name as a believer. I had been living the "fake" Christian life instead of the normal Christian life. I was a pretender in own mind. I had not aimed my focus on ushering in the Kingdom reality of Christ to other people. The Spirit of God within us escorts a believer into an open heaven where hearts are enlightened to the knowledge of Christ (John 1:51; Eph. 1:17). Most Christian aren't aware that they possess this Key that opens heaven making the baptism of Fire become evident in our daily walk. <br /><br />I had to confront the unworthy belief of who I thought I had been called to be, for the Lord, versus who I truly am called to be in the Lord. <br /><br />Bill Johnson said it best in "The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind," which greatly convicted my heart to seek, with violence, the mysteries of God: <br /><br />"Paul warned new Christians against teachers who didn't demonstrate the power of God with their teachings. He was making a vital distinction; fathers move in power. Those who have only concepts and ideas are not presenting the full message of the Gospel (1Cor. 4:19-20)." <br /><br />Before attending the School of Overcomers, a stirring in my spirit had drawn me to question "why" churches (that's me) are still not growing in the Power of God (Matt. 10:7,8). I recently went to Hastings bookstore and Barnes and Noble and noticed the growing popularity in the occultic practices which educates the curious and serious in the powers of darkness. In God's wisdom, I am absolutely convinced that we, the Church, are being called by God to step into the power of Jesus' testimony; knowing who our Father really is in us and the power of His Love. <br /><br />In Barnes and Noble, the spiritual power for the enemy that kills, steals and destroys is, oddly, right next to the religous section leading believers to the Truth, the Light and the Way. The only mishap is that I did not find any books in the religous section that educated a believer on how they can find the source of power, within themselves, and move in it as Christ's vessel. I found mostly self help books. The power of Jehovah was demonstrated at the School of Overcomers not in a haughty or arrogant way, but in peace, love and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. <br /><br />One of the leaders, Patricia King flowed in a captivating authority that took hold of my spiritual ears and released revelatory wisdom within them making me even more eager to be alone with God. Her authority is absolutely sweet yet, strong! She ushered in the fragrance of the Holy Spirit encouraging us to take note of how the revelation of God in someone's spirit affects the atmosphere. <br /><br />Keith Miller on the other hand, is one of those gentlemen that would make a church napper sitting on the back row 'rise and shine' with intense alertness. He refers to himself as a Prophetic/ Revivalist which I would strongly agree that he wears like a heavy coat. He is extremely fired up for the abundance of God's countenance and identiy. His spirit man definately testifies to Jesus. When he began to speak, the room filled with an electrical current that I can only describe as the Fear of the Lord. I could exhaust myself describing what I encountered at the School of Overcomers but a testimony is more invasive to a person's soul when they seek to find the proof to believe for themselves. <br /><br />There may be some people that are skeptical as I tried very hard to be, but the Spirit of Truth, who is our Teacher bluntly made me aware of my own character flaws that were being shaken by the demonstration of authority being scouted at the School of Overcomers. As I have wrestled with the Lord on what I encountered at this school, He said to me, in a kindly gesture of light rebuke, that I had not been washing in the deeper places of God's current which draws me to the place of salvation where there is more of God and less, way less, of me. This place of submission and seeking, is where I am convinced that God is leading His sheep to be endued with His power (Acts 1:8).

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