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I attended the conference in Houston at the beginning of January. On one night, Bro.Keith Miller asked if anyone had a loved one with a chronic illnes to please stand up for prayer. I stood in for my 20 month old son named Jaxon. Jaxon has battled a problem called failure to thrive. Failure to thrive is when the child does not grow at the expected rate of a normal child his age. We have been dealing with this problem since he was 2 months old. He has seen three different specialist, has an occupational therapist that he sees and a dietician as well as his primary care physician.We have never found any answer to the cause of his failure to thrive. It has been a long and hard road for our family, especially in the beginning when he was so tiny and just never seemed to grow. He stayed in premie clothes until he was 6 or 7 months old. December was an especially hard month for him because he had an ear infection and viral bronchitus and he did not gain any weight that month and had slipped off the growth chart. ( The few months before that he had been in the eighth percentile which was good for him because he usually isn't even on the growth chart. However in December he slipped back off.) Like I said earlier at the conference in January, I stood in for him during the prayer. This month, his dietician was pleased! Jaxon has gained 2 pounds this month, a record for him, and he grew half of an inch. He is in the seventeenth percentile for his weight which is also a record for him, since he was born! He was in the thirty-second percentile for his length and in the fiftieth percentile for his head circumference! These are all records for Jaxon! I want to give all the glory to the Lord for these increases! I have changed nothing in Jaxon's diet this month, I have not given him any extra calories than he normally gets. I know this is the work of the Lord's hand and I want to report of His faithfulness! I cannot tell you the burden that has been lifted, the enemy has been attacking my mind so much latey, especially after December, and I can stand and say that the Lord has given back what the enemy had stolen, my son's health, my peace of mind, and the restoration of joy! I want to thank you for your faithfulness, to be obedient to take that time during the conference to pray for our loved ones, and I want to thank the body of belivers that was there that night who stood with me and many others in faith for healing to come forth. I am looking forward to more growing months for Jaxon! Praise the Lord!<br />Thank you,<br />Amie Wainwright

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