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Brenda Matyis

Dear Keith, <br /><br />The last time you came to Austin I went to see you at Cathedral of Praise. I had my 7 year old son with me. When you had everyone line up at the front to be prayed for he was by my side. You spoke a word over me about joy, and people experiencing joy from being around me, don't remember all of it. Kade has never seen people prayed for like this. He just watched everything and then I looked down and he was crying, at first I thought he was perhaps scared of seeing people fall etc. but he whispered through tears, Mama, this is the best night of my life. He accepted Jesus the year before by the way. He could barely speak and was overwhelmed. We went to leave and just outside the door he turned to me again and said, Mama, I want to go to heaven right now!! His eyes were just brimming with tears and he started to sob and the entire trip home he was in complete brokenness and so overwhelmed with the holiness of God. He wailed and wailed and wailed. We would ask him if he was okay, and he could barely speak. It was as if the presence of God so overwhelmed him, to him it felt like the greatest night of his life and made him want to go to heaven right then. It was really amazing how he was so overcome and I will never forget it. Kade refers to it as the night God "broke his heart" and was "working on him". Looking forward to seeing you in Austin. <br /><br />Livin 4 His Renown, <br />Brenda Matyis

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