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Dear Stand Firm Ministries, <br /><br />I attended the last Stand Firm Conference in Dallas (I think it was in August). On the last service of the week, Keith called out a word of knowledge that there was an athlete in the room with an old injury from many years back. I had my wife and three children with me. When Evangelist Keith called out this word of knowledge, my 10 year old daughter poked me and said, "Daddy that's you!" I said I know, and started walking forward. <br /><br />Keith asked me which sport did I obtain my injury. I said "tennis." He asked what the injury was. I said "An external tear in my right rotator cuff since 1985." I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something in the name of Jesus. After that, it felt like a swarm of butterflies fluttered through my chest area. I lay on the floor thinking, "I should get up." But I didn't want to. I was enjoying the sensation of the presence of God upon my body. <br /><br />I did understand enough about words of knowledge, to know that God would not reveal this personal word of knowledge about me, unless He was ready to do something about it. I believed, received and declared my healing. Although I felt no sensation in my injured right shoulder, I thanked God for my healing and testified about my healing the next day at church. <br /><br />Previous to my healing, I had been working out, but there were certain exercises and movements that I could not do without great pain. However,the Monday after my Saturday night healing, I tried bench pressing and overhead lifts in excess of 130 lbs. Before my healing, I couldn't even <br />lift 50 lbs in either of these two motions, without great pain. For the first time in many years, I could lift this weight with no pain. <br /><br />About two weeks later, I was lifting overhead weight again, and on the 5th repition a very sharp pain shot through my arm. I almost dropped the weights. I stopped, laid the weights down and looked at my shoulder. I quoted 2 Chronicles 20:20 to the devil. I said "Satan, God's Word says 'Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.' God has given a word of knowledge about my shoulder to his prophet Keith and I believe His prophet. I command this lying pain to leave my shoulder right now." Then I continued 5 more repitions in that set and lifted two more sets of 10 rep's on top of that. I have never had a pain in my right shoulder since then. <br /><br />I praise the Lord, for His wonderful healing. From my childhood, I grew up in a christian home. I did not grow up in church being taught about present day words of knowledge, healing,or prophesies, etc. None of these things were discussed in my classes during Bible College or Seminary. I am grateful for my Christian heritage and education. This is where I was prayed for, taught to love the Lord, His Word and where I was spiritually nurtured. I am now also very grateful to the Lord that in these last few years He has begun to teach me more of His wonderful good news. This is my very first healing from an injury (19 years ago) and I give this testimony so that you may have faith that the same Lord Jesus who healed me wants to heal you too. <br /><br />Mike Gilchrist

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