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Hi Keith, <br />I must give you this testimony to the fulfillment of a prophecy that you gave me in October of 2002. You were at a church in Winnie, Texas ( I think Living Waters is the name of it) and you called me out and prophesied over me. <br /><br />You told me that in one hand I was holding a torch and you saw me touching people on the head with it like a scepter imparting into them the fire and glory of God (this was confirmation to a prophetic word that I had received earlier in the year that God had called me to be a "fire starter and a glory imparter" in the Body of Christ) <br /><br />Then you said in my other hand, I was holding three stalks of wheat and that those three stalks of wheat represented three countries and that within the next 2 years, I would be going to all three of those countries and after I had been to all three of those countries, the whole world would be opened unto me. <br /><br />I then asked the Lord to confirm to me, through you, what those three countries were, as I felt He had already told me what 2 of them were. I knew, most assuredly, that Israel was one of them and told God that I didn't need confirmation about that, but that IF He had truly called me to Africa and Asia, then I would like for Him to confirm that through you. You were over on the other side of the church preaching and you stopped, looked right at me and said "Africa, Africa that is one of the countries!" <br /><br />Then you looked at me and said "Oh the power that will flow through you, POWER!!" and I hit the floor! As soon as I hit the floor, you said "Asia, Asia is the other country!!" Well, in May of 2003, I went on my mission trip to Israel and when I returned, I met a Pastor from Uganda, East Africa that invited me to come to Uganda in July/August of 2003. I went on that mission trip and then returned back to America. <br /><br />I went back to Israel in November 2003 and then back to Africa for the whole month of June 2004. While preaching at a crusade in Africa this past June, there was a TV crew there filming. On the last day of this mission trip, as I was preparing to leave for the airport to come back to Texas, I saw myself preaching on Uganda television. <br /><br />The Pastor that invited me to come to Africa looked at me and said "Susan, this is being broadcast all over Uganda, all over Europe and ASIA!!!" The Lord spoke to me at that moment and said, "See, I told you that you would go to Asia, NOW THE WHOLE WORLD!!!" <br /><br />So, praise the Lord for His grace and mercy to me and that what He spoke through you to me, by His Spirit, has been performed. I just wanted to share this with you and let you know how much I appreciate you and your ministry.<br /><br />I pray that God will continue to bless you, Janet and your family and do ALL that is in His heart to do both in and through you! Be blessed!<br /><br />Consumed By Him and His Love, <br />Susan Richardson<br />Love Never Fails Ministries

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