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Bill & Carol Dew

THE ELECTRICAL CURRENT OF GOD FLOWS<br /><br />Last Wednesday night the 7th thru Saturday night the 10th, Christian Life Center in Vacaville hosted Todd Bentley, Keith Miller, Jill Austin and Claudio Freidzon for a Fresh Fire Ministries conference on the Holy Spirit. Great teaching and great impartation. <br /><br />But you never know about those things unless there's an immediate, discernible response that brings good fruit. On Friday afternoon, Keith Miller spoke and then went into ministry. It seemed like the entire 800+ attendees were crowded up front at the altar. I was standing on the platform when he called up two of our pastors. One barely made it up before collapsing, but the other took his place awaiting prayer, with a catcher behind him. Now, Keith used to be an electrician, and the pastor he was about to pray for used to be an electrician. Hmmmmmmm. <br /><br />As Keith got near him, it was as if an electrical current went thru the pastor's body and he was thrown up into the air, did a twist around the catcher and landed face down on the floor. It happened so fast the catcher had no chance to catch him. The pastor later said he definitely felt the impact of something (Keith never touched him)BEFORE he ever hit the floor. And he definitely hurt from this encounter. (Now for those who might be going "I don't think God would hurt anyone," just think about Saul being thrown to the ground blind for three days with scales on his eyes. We tend to sanitize that encounter, but it couldn't have been very comfortable, and it probably hurt). As the pastor lay on the carpet for a good hour, the only thing that came to him was "this is the more you've been asking for."<br /><br />THE IMMEDIATE FRUIT<br /><br />On Sunday morning, after the conference was over and the speakers and the conference attendees had left, the congregation met as usual. But would it be usual? As the senior pastor began to speak, he suddenly said he didn't feel like he was supposed to preach today, so he called up an associate pastor to just share. <br /><br />As he did, the Holy Spirit began moving on the electrician pastor. He kept hearing in his spirit, "go up there." He began arguing with God, not wanting to do this (ever tried that---doesn't work does it?). Then he heard God say in his spirit "If you don't take advantage of this opportunity, you may not get another." That's sobering, huh? Immediately he got up and began running toward the speaker on the platform, yelling "WE'VE GOT TO HAVE MORE, WE’VE GOT TO HAVE MORE!" As he describes it, he was once again hit with an unseen force causing him to actually change direction in the air. Someone said it looked like he had been lassoed by the feet and they had been jerked out from under him. <br /><br />He crashed to the floor and remained under the power of God for quite some time. The senior pastor, who had been sitting on the steps while the associate shared, began praying for the downed pastor, until he was overcome by the power and keeled over. The associate said something like "God is here now, if you want more of Him, come to the front."<br /><br />Many people said it looked like a stampede, with some actually jumping over the rows of chairs. And at least 95% of the church came forward. One by one, people began speaking (or trying to) and then the power of God would hit them and down they would go. <br /><br />At one point the downed pastor got the mike and said something that caused the senior pastor to rush to the platform to share what he was originally going to speak on, and the phrase he had written was EXACTLY what had just been spoken!<br /><br />PRAYER AND HUNGER PREPARED THE HEARTS<br /><br />God broke out in our church that morning in a way like we haven't seen in a long time. If you ever wonder if it's worth it to pursue the Spirit by going to one of these conferences, or if it would be worth it to host a conference, maybe this will be an encouragement. <br /><br />I know we're all encouraged (or at least those who wouldn't be getting the negative calls) and we're eagerly awaiting this next Sunday. One more thing. Since the first of the year there seems to have been a shift in the Spirit. We've had prophetic words that we are to stop saying "its coming, and to say IT'S HERE!" There's a sense that our boundaries have been enlarged. And several months ago, the church was opened from 7 to 7, 7 days a week for anyone to come in and pray, and the congregation has responded. I believe this had prepared the ground, and this conference increased the deposit.<br /><br />Blessings<br /><br />Bill &amp; Carol Dew<br />Dewnamis Ministries, Inc<br />dewnamis@sbcglobal.net<br />www.dewnamis.com

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